According to the rules of brewing tea, tall pots are suitable for making brown tea, because brown tea is fermented. Functional Pottery. This experiment ranges from Yixing purple-clay teapots, Yixing cinnabar teapots, and white porcelain teapots and glass cups. After that, Gong Chun is living on making teapots, and his work is gracefully natural, varied, and especially loved by the literati. CZK1,743.75, Special Price To support, visit: No tea collection is complete without a good Yixing tea pot! Zisha teapots are very popular among collectors, but although a respected art form these fine ceramic pieces are not just for decoration. You guessed it: brown. Would you like to exchange?" Yixing teapots are made by coarse sand which contains less grit. Beggars heard this, quickly packed up the teapot and wanted to go away. Tendon profile shape take the flowers and fruits in the nature as pattern, create vivid and smooth muscle pot. £15.19. They used these containers to brew green tea, brown tea and oolong tea and analyze the color, aroma, taste, residue of the tea, tea polyphenols, caffeine, reduced sugar, theanine, tea cream, etc. This servant returned to fetch spring water to make tea. The ox is the 2nd animal in the Chinese Zodiac and in... Now you can brew your favorite Puer or Oolong tea in a travel Yixing tea tumbler that will keep your... Fortune Yixing Teapot made of Zisha Purple Clay, Little Ratty Yixing Teapot, Zisha Purple Clay Teapot. Truly, this kind of teapot can balance well between the color, aroma and the taste of tea. We thoroughly evaluate all products for everyday usability, quality of craftsmanship, value and beauty. Fourth, it can be used for quite a long time. Things started changing since a monk from "Golden Sand Temple" started selling his mesmerizing "Five Colors Clay" (aka Purple Sand or … It is made by one of the artists from the studio of Masters Gao & Xu in Yixing. The answer is yes. A good purple clay teapot is a good art and craft and it costs much. CZK1,362.03, Regular Price: This ornate Yixing teapot has the figure of a gecko on the lid with its tail spilling over the side... For centuries, the Yixing teapots have been known to be the best vessel for brewing tea. But it's difficult to determine whether the monk is the master of Gong chun, or whether this monk has been embellished before the production. All Rights Reserved. "We have a hundreds of years left." Fifth, the inner side of the teapot can absorb the fluid of tea. How to open and use the Chinese Yixing teapot? This seal is an "Export approval mark" and it is called a "Jianding". $129.00. Teapot is sandy and it transfers heat slow, so it has a good stability of hot and cold, even if burned directly on the stove, it will not be split. Explore. The ideal way is, after one's own appreciation, put the pot on the table, so that the second person could take pot on the table by himself. In recent years, the purple clayy teapot has become investment objectives. Yixing, Purple Clay For The Tea Drinker and Connoisseur Among true tea aficionados around the world the only type of pot that should ever be used are ones made from clay found originally in the Yixing region of China. People have been making yixing style teapots for over a thousand years, but it wasn't always a mainstream practice for tea brewing. I received the Tea Art Master credential from China (National Vocational Qualification Level 2: Tea Art Technician) in 2014, and TAC Tea Sommelier from Tea Association of Canada in 2015. 1 mallet for beating the clay lump into sheets of even thickness. Some of these works are directly made with the shape of a variety of items, such as pumpkin pot, persimmon flat pot and so on, and some pots are carved on the body, such as ivy pot, pot of primrose. What is Yixing Teapots? Yixing (Zisha) 'purple clay' pottery (Buccaro) Yixing County, in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, has been the center of Chinese teapot production since the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It is said in China that zisha clay is worth more than gold and teapots made of this clay are prized despite their high prices due to their advantages in brewing tea. The purple clay teapot is of function and ornamental. The backbone of the Yixing Teapot studio is the collection of moulds that make production possible and that define the aesthetic of the studio. © A Thirst for Tea, Inc / Ecommerce Software by Shopify. Speaking of purple clay teapots, it originates from the Song dynasty and developed in the Ming dynasty, and peaked at the time ruled by Kang Xi and Qian Long in the Qing dynasty in terms of techniques and appreciation and collection. New customer? There are a number of signs to tell if a teapot is half handmade or fully handmade. We are fortunate enough to provide Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services for Far East Holding Group of Yixing, China, as well as the delegation from the city of … Pear-shaped body etched with a serene landscape motif. All the teapots shown here are from the Desaru (1830) shipwreck and many of … In the right hands, however, the yixing clay tea pot becomes one of our most beloved of tea tools. The purple clay teapot can be traditionally embellished into geometric shapes, natural shape and tendon profile sharp. There are even antique Yixing teapots that are val- ued in excess of $100,000, and some that are deemed priceless. Geometric shape teapots, mainly are square, spherical, or cylindrical. Artisans, however, aren’t so worried. This cute little Yixing teapot depicts an ox. Looking at the tea, the beggar said: "The tea is not good." High quality hand-crafted teapots are investment objects, and increase greatly in value if they are used properly. Product Name: Cuizhu. It can be completed in a short-period of time in the hands of a skilled craftsman. The beggar tasted and said: "Tea is good tea, and water is good water, but the firewood is not good. Things started changing since a monk from "Golden Sand Temple" started selling his mesmerizing "Five Colors Clay" (aka Purple Sand or Zi Sha) around 500 years ago. Search. Using this kind of teapot will not cover up the scent of the tea. So it is also called Yixing purple clay teapot. They are not used for brewing green teas. You must be logged in to manage your wish list. Red Clay Teapot Yixing Chaozhou Zhuni Zhu Ni Tea Pot Auspicious . After Gong Chun, there are great masters such as Shi Dabin, Hui Mengchen, Chen Mingyuan, Jiang Rong, Han Meilin, Wang Zhigang and many other famous people. Yixing teapots are intended for puer, black, and oolong teas. At that time, there is a monk in Golden Sand Temple, and he is very fond of making teapot. Product sold by Today, she’s a highly successful certified Yixing artist, crafting exceptional teapots that have become collectors’ favourites. 16 June 2014 by Kyara Zen. Base: Zhou Guizhen. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, her talent for making Yixing teapots was quickly noticeable. Cha Dao Utensils - Tea Accessories for Chinese Gong Fu Cha Ceremony 4.6 out of 5 stars 23. Teapot's good ventilation also created another unique quality, which is the strong adsorption. It follows a half-hand creation process where the body of the pot is shaped in a gypsum case, while the handle, spout, lid and holes are still done entirely by hand. It began in the Song Dynasty, flourished in the Ming and become popular today. How to Select Your Yixing Tea Pot . Pottery Tea Pot.. CZK5,479.84, Regular Price: Yixing tea cups is a traditional handicraft in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, which is a new type of pottery. Nov 7, 2020 - Material: Yixing Zisha clay Dimensions: 111x90x98mm Capacity: 170ml Origin: China Description: Handmade teapot. Be warned! Do not use sandpaper or washing cloth to wipe the pot body. Wang Ting is a graduate of the Yixing Academy of Clay Arts. So they remade the tea. PLACE OF ORIGIN:Yixing.Yixing Zisha teapots is the most famous of all teapots. If the water is not flowing out, then the pot cover is airtight and it is a good pot. Secrets on choosing Yixing Teapots. Yixing Teapots are extremely rewarding. Free shipping . Compared with other purple clay teapots, it is large-capacity.Please check the size & volume carefully before you buy it. The yixing teapot is the perfect vessel to brew oolong and black teas. The city is famous for its rich resources and outstanding talents. The road construction began to excavate Tea lovers says that, thanks to the clay’s porous nature and its rich mineral content, tea brewed in a Yixing pot develops a much richer flavor, enhanced with kaolin, quartz, mica, and most importantly—high amounts of iron oxide. Also, the main characteristics of purple clay teapots are the common wealth of the descendants. The Jiangsu province is the world’s only source for the unique clay from which YiXing teapots are made, called purple or red clay. As long as someone comes to ask for tea to drink, he would treat them with hospitality. The natural shape generally takes plants and animals as the prototype. Yixing ceramics are made from zisha clay (also called Yixing clay). Having identified the quantity of Vitamin C and microbes by quantitative analysis, purple-clay teapots are the perfect one of all, which is hard for tea to go bad. The more nourished, the more spiritual. Search. We also support wholesales. Sort By . Do not use detergent and other chemicals for cleaning the teapot. Although you never clean the stain of tea on it, it never smells odd and even release the aroma of tea. New Year Discount:       • All Items are 10% Discount and Free Shipping;       • Buy 2 Items or more - Offer Extra 5% Discount;       • Buy 4 Items or more - Offer Extra 10% Discount. Especially, when you touch it very often, the teapot will become even more shining and brighter than ever before. CZK5,407.06, Regular Price:

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