2.1%. All about durian fruit nutrition, durian nutritional benefits, calories in durian fruit, durian benefits. AUTHOR. Nutrition Facts for Durian - Get a bar chart of the top 10 nutrients, and click to see an expanded list of over 151 nutrients, including amino acids. Durian. The Sri Lankan’s post features a screen grab of a … 6%. There are 357 calories in 1 cup of chopped or diced Durian (Raw or Frozen). Durian nutrition (100 grams). Saturated Fat-Trans Fat-Cholesterol. Nutritional Value of Durian. How long would it take to burn off 357 Calories of Durian, raw? Swimming. Based on 300g of durian (approx. Durian nutrition, glycemic index, calories and serving size. Tweet on Twitter. 3 / 67g left. Let’s first take a look at the jackfruit vs. durian nutrition facts. Food Search: durian nutrition facts and information. Current Facts Durian Cempedak are a tropical fruit. Nutrition Facts: This fruit belongs to the Genus Durio and has hard thick and thorny covering. 5 Surprising Facts About Durian With its onion-custard flavor and a strong and pungent smell, the durian fruit is perhaps the most notorious fruit of all. Calories 357(1493 kJ) % DV *Total Fat: 13 g: 20%: Cholesterol: 0 mg: 0%: Sodium: 5 mg: 0%: Total Carbohydrate: 65.8 g: 22%: Dietary Fiber: 9.2 g: 37%: Protein: 3.6 g: Calcium: 15 mg: Potassium: 1059 mg: Iron: 1 mg: Vitamin A: 109 mg: Vitamin C: 48 mg: Calorie Burn Time. These fruit belong to the Moraceae, or mulberry, family, and are related to jackfruit, bread fruit and figs. Advanced Nutrition Search; Diet Analysis ☰ Advanced Nutrition Search | Diet Analysis. It has an extremely nasty odor described as garlic like, similar to stinky feet, and like Limburger cheese. Top 3 Uses of Durian Husk 5 Surprising Facts About Durian Why Does Durian Smell So Bad? 1.00g. Nutrition Facts For Durian - Get a bar chart of the top 10 nutrients, and click to see an expanded list of over 151 nutrients, including amino acids. 18 % 3g Fat. 79 % Daily Values* Total Fat. 30 minutes. 150 Cal. 10. Richest in Potassium: 436mg (9% of DV), Vitamin C: 20mg (22% of DV). 71mg. Fruit Fruit - Durian. Although not very well known in some parts of the world, it’s considered the "king of fruits" across Asia and has a very interesting history. Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. Glycemic Index: 49, Calories:147, Net carbs: 27.09, Protein: 1.47. Search for: 5.00g. There is a ton of good vitamins and minerals in durian fruit. Let’s take a look at a few of the lesser mentioned benefits of durian fruit. Durian fruit is delicious, soft and sweet from inside but has thorny spikes that cover the exteriors.. 0% Cholesterol 0 mg milligrams. Protein. Apart from this, the fruit is also blessed with high potassium content which is known to counter and maintain sodium content in body and regulate hypertension. It has a creamy surface, and the taste of its flesh takes eaters into ecstasies. Serving Size : 3 seeds. This fruit is a high energy and high carbohydrate fruit. Calorie Goal 1,850 cal. Amount of calories in Durian: Calories Calories from Fat (%) % Daily Value * How much fat is in Durian? The tree which produces the fruit can reach 20 to 40 meters high. Trans Fat 0 g grams. A Facebook (FB) post published by a Sri Lankan man in May 2015 that continues to gain traction among Filipinos to this day wrongly claims that durian and Coke are deadly when taken in combination. In South-East countries, it is referred to as “ King of Fruits ”. Durian is rich in the minerals iron, copper and potassium, all of which are essential for maintaining strong bones. The durian is a fruit having its origins in the Malay Archipelago, a south east Asia region including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Durian … Calories from Fat 117. 30% Potassium 1059 mg milligrams. It is rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, a natural antioxidant and health benefiting B-complex vitamins like folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6. Durian is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio.There are about 30 recognised Durio species, however, at least nine of which produce edible fruits. VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Durian and Coke are NOT a deadly combination. 2. Nutrition Facts. 6-8 seeds) raw or frozen: Nutrient: Amount per 300g: Energy: 441kcal: Protein: 4.41g: Total lipid (fat) 15.99g: Carbohydrate: 81.27g We provide you with the Durian nutrition facts and the health benefits of Durian to help you to lose weight and eat a healthy diet. You might be able to find it in specialty ethnic markets, however. However jackfruit is … Durian Nutrition Facts: According to Healthline, Durian Nutrition info is given as follows: Once you know both fruits, their color, sizes, taste, and nutritional benefits, it is time compare jackfruit vs durian to find out the similarities and differences between both. 22% Total Carbohydrates 66 g grams. Appearance-Durian is a big fruit, which is spiky and green colour, native to Malaysia and Indonesia.In fact, it is considered as "King of the Fruit" throughout the South East Asia. 37% Dietary Fiber 9.2 g grams. The fruit itself is soft, creamy, juicy and emits strong odor. Durian Fruit. About Food Exercise Apps Community Blog Shop Premium. Durian Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits of Durian. Nutrition Facts; For a Serving Size of (g) : How many calories are in Durian? 3.00g. This fruit is also known to have good amounts of organosulfur which helps in regulating inflammatory enzymes known for causing cardiovascular diseases. It has a smelly, custard-like flesh with large seeds. How To Get Rid Of Durian's Smell? Durian can cause weight gain. Durian Causes Sore Throat? Total Carbohydrate. The History of Durian Nutrition Facts: Durian How To Choose A Good Durian? How does this food fit into your daily goals? Source: USDA. Serving Size: cup, chopped or diced (243 g grams) Amount Per Serving. 0% Sodium 4.9 mg milligrams. The durian is a popular fruit across Asia and to some noses is very pungent. They are a variety of Cempedak, botanically classified as Artocarpus integer. 23mg. Dietary Fiber-Sugars. Exploring the Nutritional Contents and Benefits of Durian (Durio zibethinus)Tan Mei Chian & Shyamala Asohan. DATE. Calories. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. VERA Files. 3%. SHARE. The stench of the durian fruit stands in direct contrast to the smooth, creamy taste of its flesh. Jogging. Durian Fruit Facts . Nutrition Facts. December 23, 2020. Jackfruit has a good amount of dietary fiber. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Durian (Raw or Frozen) including 1 oz and 100 g. Sodium. In the realm of acquired tastes, durian is right up there in the “expert level” category. Interesting Durian Facts: 9-15. Nutrition Facts. Nutrition Facts of Durian Fruit. However, despite the appearance and smell, there's no harm reading and knowing some of the surprisingly interesting facts that the durian fruit have! Jackfruit vs. Durian: Nutrition Facts Compared. Log In. Protein 3.6 g grams. Log Food. Fact-Check. Durian: nutrition facts and health benefits. 3%. 8 % 3g Protein. A study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information in the United States showed that having a higher iron intake also helps to increase bone density, implying that calcium is not the only contributor to maintaining bone health. Durian Aids Digestion? It is seasonal fruit that grows from June to August same as Mango and Jackfruit. Durian is a tropical fruit distinguished by its large size and spiky, hard outer shell.. Sign Up. It’s large, up to 12 inches (30cm) long and 6 inches (15cm) wide, and the fruit is contained inside its husk. Share on Facebook. For a fruit, the durian is high in calories, approx. With an average 1 kg sized durian having close to 1,350 calories, eating one durian can rack up as much as 68 per cent per cent of the daily 2,000 calories recommended for an average adult! According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, durian has an impressive vitamin and mineral content.It also contains vitamin C, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, and vitamin A.Important minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and phosphorus are also found in durian. [1, 2] But, regardless of its taste, aroma, or appearance, it is a nutritional powerhouse packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Jackfruit vs. Durian in terms of Calories & Carbohydrates. Durian Cempedak is a variety of the Cempedak, and is rarely seen outside of Asia. Daily Goals. 9. 150 / 2,000 cal left. What are the nutrition facts of Durian Fruit?, What are the Health benefits of durian fruit?, Nutrient analyses of Durian Fruit, Nutrition facts for Durian, raw or frozen, recommended daily values and analysis. Many consider durian a high-cholesterol fruit hence choose to avoid it at all costs. Jackfruit is the winner in this part, despite the fact that durian is also higher in fiber. 74 % 28g Carbs. Durian facts 1. Actual daily nutrient requirements might be different based on your age, gender, level of physical activity, medical history and other factors. Durian Nutrition Facts Per 3.5 oz (100-gram) Serving; Name Amount; Calories: 147 kcal: Carbohydrates: 27.1 g Fiber: 3.8 g: Fat: 5.3 g: Protein: 1.5 g: While the USDA has not published data on the specific fatty acids the fruit contains, research into the nutritional value of durian found that : Monounsaturated fatty acids are the main fats in durian. Mineral comparison. Durian is significantly higher in Copper, moderately higher in Zinc, Iron and Phosphorus. It belongs to the genus Durio.It is known for its unique taste and also for its nutritional value. Daily values are based on 2000 calorie diet and 155 lbs (70 kg) body weight .

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