In the Japanese manual's credits, Haschel is credited as "Hatchel". Dragon's \"Battle Rage\" is the source of power for the Dragoons, but it is only the flame which requires combat to feed the fire. His outfit is a purple sleeveless martial arts garb with black designs and a black spike design at the back and a red belt which tuck into his garb, purple martial arts pants and black boots. They use the Dancer's Ring and Dancer's Shoes instead. Also see GameShark Codes for more The Legend of Dragoon cheat codes.. Jump to: Tip (47) Cheat (17) Dart and Shana later reminisce about the song, confirming its source as a song Dart knew from childhood, giving the first real clue of the relationship of Dart and Haschel. Using the Speed Up item, Bandit's Shoes, and Bandit's Ring Haschel can almost assuredly get 3 turns in row. Obviously, we all get every Addition to lv5 so we can get the final Addition. In the end, Haschel may be the only one who completely understands the Feld Family structure. Element Haschel's idle pose has him crossing his arms over his chest, and moving his head to the left slightly. The main goal of grinding will be to max out your additions and get everyone to Dragoon Level 5. It is weak against Thunder element targets. He wears a violet Dragoon armor with sky blue accents and a green gem at the center as the violet outlines reaches through his white pants and a violet and white knee-high Dragoon armor boots with sky blue gem at the center. Guide part 3. Lavitz - All Additions Lv. If you do use this on Kamuy, he is very tough, Dragoon Additions are basically the key this battle is long and drawn out additions will have to be done perfectly in order to succeed. I cheat-coded Dart to L99 but he still doesn't have 7th addition. He is the Master of the Rouge School of Martial Arts and the new Dragoon of the Violet Dragon which controls Thunder-based attacks. He has been on a journey to find Claire for twenty years, always hoping that he will find her. I see zero point in grinding them. That's the most fun part of the game for me! Shana tells Haschel that Dart used to sing it to her. Rose Storm is helpful also. :D Lavitz's and Albert's Additions are essentially the same, but Lavitz's tend to go slower, giving the player more time to react. Lavitz's and Albert's Additions. Go to the area where the Merchant was located (with small rabbit-like creatures) and just run around. I, for one, get the addition to lv 5 as soon as I get it. Most of them gain SP of over 100 and damage over 400 %. While it is usually assumed "Ferry of Styx" is the typo, it is likely that the actual name of the addition in-game is a mistranslation. Haschel is a near elderly martial artist with long dark gray hair and his eyes are squinting if not closed. But how soon do you do this after you get the Addition? "Watasu" is a verb that means to cross or ferry over, making a literal translation something closer to "Crossing of the Sanzu." With the death of Doel, Dart decides to follow Lloyd to Tiberoa . I know Albert is faster and training additions with him would be too, but I just like being able to use Blossom Storm as Lavitz. Usually Dragoons have some damage advantage, but Haschel's additions get more damage bonuses than his Dragoon form: Omni Sweep is two and a half times stronger. Outside the battlefield, Haschel is upbeat and jovial, even throwing in some jokes while in conversation with his friends. I already have Haschel's Double Punch up to 33 uses, and I got him after I started GoWD. [1], Early on Disc 3, At the mayor's house Haschel listens as Shana sings a lullaby to their (mayor) host's child, and reflects that Claire once sang the same tune and declared that she would sing it to her future child. At the beginning of Disc 2, first entering Tiberoa, one of the party notices that one of the town's bridges is named Claire Bridge. If that is his Claire too, then she is dead. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. With the river Styx being an acceptable and more familiar translation of this term, it is likely that the intended translation was "Ferry of Styx" and was mixed up during localization, ending up with the erroneous "Flurry of Styx.". Meru, with 10 more Speed, would have 20 more, and Shana with 5 more, 10 more. - Dragoons use additions as their physical attacks, or better yet special additions exclusive while being in 'Dragoon Form'. When in Critical Health, Haschel slouches forward with his knees bent, and holds his stomach with his right arm and hand. Haschel's Thunder Magic is exclusively single-target damage. Age To get the final addition for all characters except Miranda and Shana, master the previous ones. Dart's Additions are the most extensive and well-rounded in the game. You will get their 7-hit master combo. His daughter Claire ran away twenty five years before the start of the game for either seriously injuring or killing her training partner Lotta at Rouge . At this point, everyone in my party is level 14. This isn't a particularly hard battle. The Dragoon's need for this fuel is the reason that transformation into Dragoon form is extremely difficult outside of battle.Within the game, this \"insanity\" is measured in units known as SP (Spirit Points) … He also wears a matching violet gauntlets which are bulkier and wears a violet dragon headband and fights barehanded. I train all to level 5! Dart says that is his mother's name, and Haschel says that it is the name of his daughter, who he began looking for 20 years ago, after she went into self-imposed exile for possibly killing one of his Rouge School students. Rose explains that Humans fight war by making themselves enter insanity; war is not in their nature. Make sure you don't miss your Additions, or you will get your ass kicked. [1]. MSI Z97 Gaming 7 MoBo, i5 4690k, 16GB DDR3 RAM, ASUS GTX 1080 Strix. However, if you fail, your character will get blown back, taking damage. 60 It can also be used to quickly heal by defending or leveling up additions at a fast pace, being that he has the second most to level up in the game. Gender In a twist of fate or irony, he actually meets his grandson Dart years before the game's events take place when they traveled together on an adventure without knowing of their relation. The battles happen quickly in this area and your opponents are easy to kill. [1], Haschel tells Dart that Dart resembles Haschel as a young man near the end of the game. Thunder Element, and therefore Haschel himself, is strong against no other element. I honestly wish I could do that sometimes. As with Meru Haschel can get extremely high Speed (agility). 5: Harpoon: Add 1 / Sp 50 Spinning Cane: Add 2 / Sp 35 Rod Typhoon: Add 4 / Sp 100 Gust of Wind Dance: Add 6 / Sp 35 Flower Storm: Add 7 / Sp 202. 80 or more will max out the addition. Dart and Rose are at Dragoon Level 3, while Albert and Shana are Dragoon Level 2. In his in-game while in this form, the color of his pants changed to beige and the accents from his armor becomes sky blue and his dragoon wings appear as sky blue, pale yellow and violet with sky blue outlines. Hints Final addition. Dragoon levels will take a little longer with Haschel. The other dragoons, Rose, Shana, and Albert, agree to go with Dart as it is "fate." SPOILERS. These are body armors that can only be equipped by Haschel, in order of their defense: Haschel's Additions really do do more damage than Dragoons; the common wisdom is that this is true of all characters, but it is not. He learns towards the end of the game that his daughter Claire was Dart's mom and died in Neet. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. You'll get a Darkness Stone for winning this fight. Role On one of my previous saves I maxed out all my additions in the forest as I got them, and when I had all but the final addition maxed at 99, it still wouldn't show that I had the final addition, so do you have to be a certain level to get the final addition or do you have to do each addition manually once, I used the Ultimate Wargod. The Legend of Dragoon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. When defending, Haschel holds his arms and fists across his face and body. For more information see the following: Dart's Additions, Lavitz's Additions, Rose's Additions, Haschel's Additions, Albert's Additions, Meru's Additions, or Kongol's Additions. It is an interesting plot twist, there are two people we care about who are related, were separated by tragic circumstances, and can now be reunited. The Legend of Dragoon Cheats. Hometown But if I didn't over level myself, it probably would have had a use. Human How do I get the last addition? With nothing else to pass down to the young swordsman, Tasman leaves Seles on an ascetic journey. With the Dragoon Additions, you have no visual or verbal cues from the character moving or shouting, so that is why I am so bad at them. Kamuy uses a LOT of magic and Kongol will quite frankly get the crap beaten out of him. We, the audience, want Haschel to be Dart's grandfather. Lavitz was unlocked before I returned to Hellena and Rose I farmed the Phantom Ship for. Haschel The Lore Master Recommended for you. Like Kongol, none of the body armor that Haschel can wear can be worn by another Dragoon, except for the Armor of Legend that everyone, male and female, can wear. The FASTEST way to get a load of money is to blow Faust away. He wears a thin laced headband. He will offer you a shining stone for 100.00.if you buy it Kongol will have his dragoon sprit. His outfit is a purple sleeveless martial arts garb with black designs and a black spike design at the back and a red belt which tuck into his garb, purple martial arts pants and black boots. He also wears red wristbands in both of his wrists. How much do you guys train Additions? Additions marked with a * indicate Master Additions, which can only be gained by mastering all previous Additions. Just use Additions or Dragoon Additions on Kamuy. Haschel's first addition has as strong a bonus as Dragoon form. Dragoon Addition gains him nothing, although he can lose 50% damage against Thunder element enemies, which are thankfully few. He has heard Dart's story, he knows what happened to Dart's Claire. Come on down to Iido's Gaming Den! Please note that neither Shana nor Miranda can perform Additions, and so no Additions will be listed here for them. Easy way to master additions Go to the Forest near Seles. All his searching was in vain, and his daughter is dead. Haschel is a martial artist, which means he is an expert in using his fists and kicks as weapon. If I'm not getting around 5 additions done in a random then I'll skip the encounter altogether. Critics didn't pan the game, but many … And Haschel has nothing to gain and half his damage to lose from his elemental magic, given that there is no Elemental weakness to Thunder and a few Thunder element enemies about. However, his HP, Defense, and Magic Defense are a bit low. The value for the equipped accessories is never shown separately, but can only be inferred by choosing another item to equip, Speed is the first and foremost of the five attributes that are affected only by items; never leveling, Entirely subject to correction, the level Haschel may be at when he joins the party: thirteen. Haschel (ハッシェル, Hassheru, lit. I'm heading to Helena Prison for the second time right now, and I've already clocked 11 hours, and I'm not done with additions yet. Simply press O when you would have normally pressed X and you will continue to attack. This can allow for some serious damage done to a boss at the start of a fight, especially if used in conjunction with his Dragoon Special. Rather than spend hours chasing big budget birds around, losing out VERY often, spend about 30 … I love this game so much that I really want to master the Dragoon Additions. Double Slash Number of Attacks Level Attained Sound Clip; 1 Initial ... Master all Additions Coming Soon Level Damage Percentage SP Gained; 1 250% 100 2 300% 110 3 350% 120 4 400% 130 5 450% 150 The Legend of Dragoon Wiki Guide. The group speculates that these might be the same Claire, concluding that they are not, based on the fact that the two look nothing alike. The Legend of Dragoon Max Addition Level & EXP Codes. "Haschel") is one of the heroes of The Legend of Dragoon. Rouge Hero After you get Kongol on your team go back to Lanhan and go see the man that sold you the water bottle. Master Tasman will teach the player about the addition system which is essential to know. The Legend of Dragoon Remaster Teased by Developer. Proud owner of an '86 Chevy El Camino. The man next to her is the Master ... Equip the Volcano as your addition and then talk to him. [1], Haschel's Destroyer Mace is the only weapon that can do more than one damage to a Unique Monster., <50% HP, +50% attack, <25% HP, +100% attack, All characters' HP gain per level accelerates; Haschel's, from an average of 24 HP for each of the first ten levels, to an average of 100 HP for each of the last ten, Physical Attack (AT) starts out lower than Rose's, but stays at 3 per level and ends up at 152 by level 50, exceeding the level 60 value of 150 that she and Dart share by two, Physical Defense (DF) stays at 2 points under 2.5 per level until level 60, where it goes to 150, Magical Attack (MAT) : a rollercoaster. In the end of the game where they escape from the Moon with Dart and the group, the white accents on his Dragoon form changed to green. While weapons are always for one Dragoon, Armor is usually for more than one. I usually just stick with one until it is mastered, and then I switch to the next one in line. His attributes are geared more towards offense, as opposed to defense. In battle, however, Haschel is serious, calm and collected. When the player picks the attack option from the battle menu, two blue squares will pop up, one in the center and the other on the outside edge. Characters in the Legend of Dragoon attack using a combo style, rather similar to the Legaia Legend or Xenogears. Use Wind-based items if you have any. His Master Addition, Omni Sweep, is the most difficult Master Addition other than Meru's Perky Step. But does Haschel want this? I might skip Double Slash and max heavy hitting additions early then use weak additions on minors, or by disc 3ish I'll weaken his gear, speed him up and double slash minor enemies. Information He can be found in Seles after Dart has defeated the Commander in the beginning of the first disc. The addition selection screen; Albert's additions and the "Next LV" counter. But I do always grind a lot in RPGs. Male More importantly, while in 'Dragoon Form' … It is no wonder that it takes a little more than two people having the same name to convince him. Only Summon Four Gods has a lower bonus, and Omni Sweep is two and a half times stronger. Additions are originally explained by Master Tasman in Seleswho can give the player the full run-down of how additions work but it will also be explained here. It is hypothetically possible to hit 200 Speed, assuming Speed Up doubles the total Speed with Equip bonuses rather than the base Speed. Haschel and Albert in a pre-rendered cutscene in their Dragoon forms. Go back to Furni and visit Harris's house to get your reward- … You will get plenty of extra EXP and Gold while doing so of course, definitely enough Gold to buy at least two Legend Casques. Legend of Dragoon Miscellaneous Page Lassarina Aoibhell's Contributor Page All of the attributes can be enhanced by Accessories, and their values are always shown as a total of the base value plus the bonus granted by currently equipped accessories. Like Kongol, he has one helm that he alone can wear. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. Haschel begins to walk away but a bright light shows to reveal his "fate" and so he heads to Tiberoa with his fellow dragoons.

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