Flooded lead acid batteries sealed or open access can be reconditioned easily and we can replace the electrolyte. Carefully remove the caps covering your cells if you have a sealed SLA battery. Don't risk your safety because lithium is a highly volatile substance which shouldn't be handled so recklessly. USB Rechargeable Batteries Easypower and Ultracharge, How to Recondition NiCad Batteries In 3 Easy Steps, How to Recondition Batteries – Why You Should Learn, How to start a Battery Reconditioning Business, Laptop Battery Reconditioning In 3 Easy Steps, Battery Disposal Problems Solved By Fungi, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Reconditioned Batteries, How to Recondition Lithium Ion Batteries In 3 Easy Steps, Battery Charger (Smart chargers are best). Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of the live motorcycle's battery. However if you don’t ever charge it and rarely use the bike, it could be dead within 12 months. Or you can watch the reading. You should get a voltage reading on your meter. And reconnect the positive jumper lead to the positive post first. However, in our opinion almost all of the disadvantages with Li-ion battery can be fairly easily mitigated. Working with batteries or any kind of electricity has its risks. But if you see any corrosion on the battery posts I recommend you give them a good clean up using some sandpaper or steel wool. Stop! I used a iMax B6 charger and used NiMH charging with 0.1A current limit, charged the battery untill it shown 3.2V and then swopped over to lithium charging. Things were looking good yesterday when I left the shop. measure the cold cranking amps your battery has. Hopefully this voltage will be a big improve on the one you measured from the battery 24 hours ago. Another way of doing this is to use a *USB cable this needs to be a cable you don’t use, Since you are going to cut an end off of it. Stronger. In other words you really even know now how to refurbish a motorcycle battery too. You can test a motorcycle battery with a multimeter by testing for 12+v across the battery posts. Once 18 hours has passed its time to take your battery off the charger and take another voltage reading. That’s why I recommend a replacement at that point. I put most of it back together last weekend, and it runs great. Fill each cell to max which is close to the top. Our brand-new lineup of Lithium-Ion LiFeP04 Marine Batteries feature the only true dual marine posts available in a deep-cycle Lithium-Ion LiFeP04 marine battery. However, there are methods you can try to get your AGM motorcycle battery restored to working condition. Oddometer: 2,359. Most car drivers tend to always carry a pair of jumper … All Rights Reserved. Follow these steps to fully test and learn how to recondition a dead motorcycle battery. Or a digital multimeter. Now you’ll want to inspect your battery’s posts. Or terminals you may call them. Lithium motorcycle batteries are quickly replacing old-school lead-acid batteries as the high-performance battery of choice. The Lithium Motorcycle Battery Pros and Cons almost tally in terms of numbers. And if you’d like to you can read more battery reconditioning guides here. Then dip the end of your red probe into each cell’s electrolyte. If it continues to drop below this voltage then it’d be wise to replace it sooner rather than later. And you can learn how to recondition a dead motorcycle battery without them for now. Click here to find out more and watch a short presentation. Stone cold dead. AGM and Gel motorcycle batteries can be reconditioned if you want to rebuild the battery. It’s less accurate but you’ll see what you need to see on most modern digital meters. In fact I’ve just reconditioned my Yahama Virago 535’s battery using their methods. It is ultra-light and has zero sulfation. I just waked to life two 18650 batteries that came from a dead laptop battery I opened, the battery had 8 cells, four was complete dead, two was good and two had around 2V. Now you’ll want to charge the reconditioned motorcycle battery for at least 18 hours. Please feel free to share this. In the past few years, I've posted a bunch of heavily linked articles about battery capacity. 4.0 out of 5 stars 14. To do this we are going to use a Multimeter in DC voltage mode. There are tests that require more advanced tools but you can get around this and they are just optional nice to have tools. And I now save hundreds of dollars a year from never having to buy new batteries. Make sure you take great care doing this. Showing you exactly how to recondition your motorcycle battery and many more! First job that you’ll want to do when you are going to recondition your motorcycle battery is remove it from the motorcycle. While both AGM and the lithium-ion batteries have their own pros and cons, the suitability of each type of battery depends upon the various factors explained above. This occurs when a lead acid battery is deeply discharged, causing sulfur from the battery … The Shorai BMS01 charger or the Hyperion EOS 720 chargers are the suggested balance type chargers. Take your screwdriver or adjustable wrench and remove the Negative cable first then the positive. If it does dip below 9.5v then I suggest you complete a charge cycle by draining it and recharging it again. shorai lithium motorcycle batteries chargers. Read more about them at BikeBandit. Take care. Now if you do an open circuit voltage test on your dead AGM battery you should see a reading over 10.5v. This will allow you to safely dispose of it later. Remember this process is just for Flooded lead acid motorcycle batteries. This morning, I became a part of the problem. It’s just very rare that they’ll work again. Safety Warning: Remember the liquid electrolyte you’ll find inside your motorcycle battery cells is sulfuric acid. So please read on! You do not want battery acid on your skin or in your eyes. Click here to find out more and watch a short presentation. The next step is a battery load test. In theory, any bike built after the early ’80s is capable of running a lithium battery. Click here to watch a small presentation and get a 40% discount! If you measure a voltage under this reading. It’s best to always follow the manufactures guidelines for charge time. Yes, most lithium motorcycle batteries utilize an external-powered BMS charger that does need to be rebalanced from time to time. Do lithium motorcycle batteries need a special charger? This is how it should be done. I killed the battery. You can also use a battery hydrometer for this to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte. And if the following tips and tricks don’t work. It Depends on age of your battery and what battery charger you own. You may have to replace it. If they look clean you can move on to step 2. starting a battery reconditioning business. Customer Service: 800-969-7501; Help; Quick Links. If you have a heavily desulphated cell your motorcycle battery may not be able to be reconditioned. You are looking to see how dirty and corroded they generally are. How to Recondition a Flooded Lead Acid Motorcycle Battery; Step 1 – Remove battery and clean posts. It is ultra-light and has zero sulfation. Multimeter says 2.38v. What you are looking for is when you try to start the bike, the voltage reading on your battery shouldn’t dip below 9.5 volts at any point. Should you get any on your skin or eyes. If your bike falls out of this voltage range, you need to replace your charging system. Most common would be Flooded Lead Acid Batteries. You can read my thoughts and get a 40% discount here in my EZ Battery Reconditioning Review. How you use your motorcycle will have an affect on battery life. Healthy motorcycle charging systems put out roughly 14 volts at 2,000 rpm, and a Lithium battery, for example, needs between 13-14 volts to charge. Then you may have to expose the caps of the cells by prying off a plastic cover on top of the battery. If you enjoyed the process why not considering starting a battery reconditioning business? More Powerful. Now you want to take the motorcycle battery and put it in a long and slow charge. And you’ll unfortunately need to replace it. Correctly maintained, a lithium motorcycle battery should give you at least 48 months of use. Take a voltage reading with your voltmeter. Or get the EZ Battery Reconditioning book and save yourself hundreds of dollars by learning how to reconditioning all types of batteries. × Dear valued customer, due to extended delays with OEM suppliers and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, most parts are being placed on backorder status. Dead. Balance charging, Battery Tenders, trickle chargers and other charge methods explained, in easy to follow language! You’ll also need another 12v motorbike battery for this method that is in good condition. You can also mix a small amount of baking soda with a little water to create a cleaning paste. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments. FREE Shipping by Amazon. I had the bright idea to start playing with the Nemesis ECU and DDA, as well as removing some stuff from the harness. Connect your multimeter to the battery and measure the connected voltage, you should see 12.6v on a fully charged battery. Put your meter on DC volts mode again and measure the voltage potential across the negative and positive posts like earlier. Once all the liquid has drained from the battery you can add some baking soda to the bucket to neutralize the acid. I’ll just give you a quick introduction starting with what different types of motorcycle battery you are likely to find. Click here to watch a small presentation and get a 40% discount! As this voltage will give us a good idea as to how healthy the reconditioned motorcycle battery is without seeing its cold cranking amps reading. The average motorcycle battery will die after 2 – 4 months without running. You should now see at least 12.6v – 12.7v if the battery is fully charged. A paperweight. Otherwise pressure may build in the cells causing potential safety problems. Place your red probe on the positive post and your black probe on the negative probe. $134.95 $ 134. This model of the 12-Volt motorcycle battery charger offers multiple benefits for a motorcycle owner. Maybe you can now show them how to recondition a dead motorcycle battery too! Whilst its still hot add in at least 8oz of Epsom salt. I do suggest you finish this process all though as Epsom salt can help desulphate the bad cells plate. I certainly make mistakes with an alarming regularity- but it is not very often that I make a mistake with a lithium battery. Jump-Starting the Battery Get jumper cables. Sometimes it’s best to have another person watch the meter. Motorcycle batteries are six-volt lead acid batteries, small versions of the12-volt batteries used in automobiles. This is a passable temporary fix, but if you start the bike this way, you should monitor the battery's voltage after riding it for a while. If the bike starts and the battery didn’t dip below 9.5 then you have successfully reconditioned a motorcycle battery. You don’t need a whole a lot of tools to bring a dead motorcycle back to life. How to Recondition a Flooded Lead Acid Motorcycle Battery. read more battery reconditioning guides here. I’m going to show you how to recondition a dead motorcycle battery. This page explains how to safely and properly charge a lithium motorcycle battery. Not good.
. I personally found this course to be an amazing resource for getting many different types of batteries going again. Or even on your clothes, unless you want them ruined. If you are seeing under 10.5v the AGM battery is likely. When you install a lithium battery without an internal fuse in your motorcycle you should examine the rating of your bikes main power fuse (normally situated on the positive power lead right next to your battery) or fuesable link (a thinner section of power cable that is designed to melt and break the circuit with excessive current or temp) and check that it the correct type and rating for the battery. You can also check each cell voltage with your multimeter. 4.0 out of 5 stars 390. The ONLY one of its kind… BatteryJack is proud to introduce the Banshee Lithium-Ion LiFeP04 Marine Series. If the voltage shown on the multimeter is less than 11 volts, your battery should be charged (13 to 13.6 volts is ideal). Step 6 – Repeat open circuit voltage test. Then connect the dead battery’s positive followed by the healthy battery’s positive. The battery shouldn’t drop below 9.5v. This morning, I arrived at the shop and went to check on something in the map. To see if it’s something that will interest you as it will certainly save you money. If you don’t a battery load tester or access to one, its not a problem. How long does a motorcycle battery take to charge? 99. As these batteries were designed to never be opened. You need to test your motorcycle battery using a multimeter. It can be very dangerous. Take care to avoid getting it on your skin, in your eyes. If you measured over 12v above you can potentially skip this step as chances are your cells are all in working condition. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chances are, in fact, that this one is a goner. Before you replace your dead lead-acid battery, you should check the state of your bike’s charging system – particularly on older bikes. These are considered maintenance free batteries but you can normally get access to the cell caps and cells by prying off the cover on top of the battery. But they aren’t essential. Or sealed which is called an SLA battery (Sealed Lead Acid). Battery Tender Engine Start Battery: Lithium Motorcycle Battery with Smart Battery Management System (BMS) - 12V 5.0 AH 300 CCA Lightweight Starting Batteries for Motorcycles and ATVs - BTL14A300CW. There are two main types of 12v battery you’ll likely to find on a motorcycle. Fit your newly reconditioned motorcycle battery back into your bike. We will discuss AGM and gel types later on. If you rarely use the bike and don’t have access to power where the bike is parked – it’s worth removing the battery and giving it a full charge every couple of months. Most of the time, these batteries will be dead, and I mean dead. And they wont last for long if they do. Now if your multimeter has a min/max function you can use that. Read Best Multimeter Reviews article to know more about it. You want the liquid to be clear to the eye. The good news is that it only sat in this drained state from maybe 18 hours. You take your funnel or syringe and top off each battery cell. Another method – How to recondition Lithium Ion Batteries. I've been clear about what is, and is not, covered by a lithium battery warranty. Whether you're a professional racer, weekend warrior, touring, or adventure rider, Full Spectrum Power has a direct fit lithium motorcycle battery for you. © 2020 Full Spectrum Power. Connect both neutrals first. Any less, and the battery won’t charge, any more and it is likely to overheat. If you do spill battery acid clean it immediately with baking soda and water. Check the table below to see what your voltage reading means. The radium motorcycle battery features in various lithium motorcycle battery reviews based on its quality. Meaning nothing but your multimeter should be attached to the battery. AGM vs Lithium Motorcycle Battery – FINAL VERDICT Batteries play a crucial role in our daily lives. If you do see 12.6v then move on to the next step. It’s time to take a voltage reading from your motorcycle battery. Names like Yuasa, Duraboost, Megaboost and Shorai deliver stunning lead-acid and lithium batteries that improve performance and reliability. IMPORTANT- if the LFX battery is deeply discharged below 12.86V only a lithium charger with cell balancing can be used to recover the battery. You now know how to recondition a dead motorcycle battery. Using jumper leads connect the two batteries together. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. I’d recommend you replace the battery. I learned an amazing amount about battery reconditioning from this material and as a Battery Reconditioning Lab reader you can save 40% for a limited time on the price. So, I am going to hook this up to a few different chargers that we have here and report the progress. The number of cca measured when compared to the battery specification would tell us how good the battery is. Lithium batteries can be brought back from the dead, but it isnt easy. Step 2 – Check battery open circuit voltage. Any less than 6v on this test your battery is toast. Lithium motorcycle batteries are LifePO4 batteries, most using prismatic (square) cells. Location: Lost in the jungles of Thailand. You’re looking for over 2v in each cell. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …. *These numbers also apply to AGM motorcycle batteries. Now when the liquid has cooled off. You can check the age of the battery pack, and measure the voltage (if able), or check for date codes on the circuit board inside. Get the battery up on a nice bench where you can work comfortable. However, lithium motorcycle batteries are currently evolving, and Ultrabatt now offers a lithium motorcycle battery that does not require an external charger. Now you’ll want to boil your 1 quart of distilled water. We all make mistakes, even when we know better. And really well done if you made it this far. More Buying Choices $107.45 (6 new offers) Flush the area with lots of water and consult your doctor should you become ill. Make sure you are wearing the correct safety equipment listed below when attempting to recondition motorcycle batteries. And smart chargers are generally the best choice as you want to avoid overcharging. Order Status Wishlist/Registry Gift Cards. If your bike produces less, the battery won’t charge. Your bike must charge between 13.4V and 14.6V. If you have put a Lithium Ion battery in your motorcycle and consequently run it flat, follow that battery’s manufacturer instructions for recharging. AGM and GEL are maintenance free I’ve had these last up to 8 years. Remember to leave the cell caps off while the battery is on charge. And they can help you with AGM style batteries. The average battery charger is designed for the 8-volt requirements of lead-acid batteries; they will not charge a Lithium battery. Lithium-iron batteries discharge full power until they are completely discharged, so they give fast, powerful cranks right up … So if you can be responsible and careful, it can definitely be concluded that the advantages of … Well, I am going to try to bring this one back from the dead. Remove the battery. Knowing the difference is very important when you are reconditioning a dead motorcycle battery. Also known as maintenance free batteries. Yesterday, I made a classic battery mistake and I thought it was a good idea to talk about it here. EZ Battery Reconditioning will provide you with extremely helpful fully illustrated guides. $107.99 $ 107. Newer batteries can last longer with an average of 3 – 5 months until dying whereas older batteries will not last as long giving it an average of 1 – 3 months until the battery dies while the motorcycle is sitting. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You can use a battery load tester if you have one, or maybe a local garage would be willing to hook your battery up to theirs for you. You can now put this dead AGM battery on a full 18 hour – 24 hour slow 2amp trickle charge. Watch this short presentation below to find out more (Click to play). You should get a reading on DC voltage mode. So now you know how to bring a dead motorcycle back to life. Which you might want if you were to do this process more often. Place your negative probe on the negative terminal. So please be extra careful at all times and if you are ever unsure with what you are doing. And set it up for a 10amp charge or medium charge if that’s what your battery charger offers. Lighter. Everyone and anyone can do this. If not, you want to use the 2amp trickle charge setting. Be sure to be wearing your gloves, goggles and apron. On the dead-battery motorcycle, connect the … Anything under 1.50v might indicate a weak cell. Or you can try the EZ Battery Reconditioning guide. Now take a voltage reading of the dead battery. A healthy motorcycle battery should be around 12.6v or more. You’ll see plenty of people hook up a … Mar 15, 2006. Antigravity Batteries - Lightweight Motorcycle Lithium Ion Battery - Small Case 4 Cell AG401-16 Ounces - 120 CCA - Kicker Chopper Bobber Cafe Racer Harley. They crank harder and longer. Again, this will be an open circuit reading. With A123 Systems cells, anything below 8.4v (in our pack configuration) is considered toast. 3 years ago shorai powered debise and mcfadden close out 2017 on the podium in alabama www.denniskirk.com. Stir and shake the mixture and try to get as much dissolved Epsom salt in the liquid as possible. The battery is likely very dead. It will have a black cover or a "-" symbol on it. Now connect your 12v battery charger to the good battery. Whether you're a professional racer, weekend warrior, touring, or adventure rider, Full Spectrum Power has a direct fit lithium motorcycle battery for you. I've gone to great lengths to tell everyone who will listen to never allow your battery to get drained, as this could damage a lithium battery beyond repair. For most of the US, winter has arrived with just enough cold to bring a halt to the riding season. 95. This will be step by step and hopefully easy to follow. Lithium-ion cells don't like to be discharged below their over discharge voltage, usually between 2.5 and 2.75 volts at … This is useful to measure the cold cranking amps your battery has. By learning how to recondition a dead motorcycle battery you’ll be helping the environment and your bank account. You can see this process done with a 12v car AGM battery by watching the video below. This is an open circuit voltage test because nothing is connected to the battery apart from your meter. These types of batteries aren’t flooded with electrolyte (battery acid) and are instead filled with fiberglass mesh or a silica dust gel substance. Then fully charge the battery and try it again. Gents been riding with the lithium ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries in my bikes for a couple years with no issues. If the plates inside are shorted or have heavy desulfation. Read the charge method instructions normally printed on the battery for more information. Get it as soon as Sat, Oct 10. They are clean and not corroded. Turn off the power source to the appliance containing your battery and remove the battery. If your lithium battery is dead, buy a new one. Leave it to charge for around 1 hour. The “Resources” link explains how to jump start a motorcycle with a dead battery. Now we are happy with our battery posts. Motorcycles use 12v batteries. You should find that the dead li-ion battery now has a bigger voltage reading and will accept a charge. A brick. Now its times to carefully empty your cells into a plastic bucket. If you have a dead motorcycle battery that won't accept a charge, the problem is normally sulfation. Or Slow charge setting. A healthy motorcycle charging system puts out about 14 volts at 2,000 rpm, and a lithium battery needs between 13 and 14 volts to charge. AGM and GEL style batteries require rebuilding and that is time consuming and expensive. How to Recondition a Dead Motorcycle Battery Step by Step, How To Recondition a Dead Motorcycle Battery – The Basics, Different types of 12v Motorcycle Battery. You can test a motorcycle battery using a battery load tester if you have one. Then retry the load test. You’ll see these either with open access to the cells for maintenance and topping up. Under 1v or 0v and that cell is likely heavily desulphated. And if you use it everyday for long trips your motorcycle battery will likely last longer. We can work around it using just the multimeter to test the under-load voltage. Arrives before Christmas. As this indicates that the motorbike battery is fully charged. But if you don’t have a battery hydrometer your digital multimeter will do. Also you can check out step 7 above to see more information on this test. As soon as I looked at the kill switch, and the dark dashboard- and then at the still connected battery...I knew I was in trouble. I bought this battery reconditioning book 2 years back and I learned so much about restoring batteries to working order. When it comes to getting juice in your motorcycle, Cycle Gear carries a large selection of top battery brands that deliver lasting quality.

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