El GGUSD cree en apoyar el uso seguro y responsable de todas las tecnologías en línea y digitales para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje. Remember, discussions can move fairly quickly so it’s important to absorb all of the information before crafting your reply. It’s ok for this to feel a little messy and require kids to build stamina for their online … Please contact Online Learning if you have any questions regarding the Online Learning instruction guidelines or expectations. Si deseas hablar o contestar una pregunta, utiliza las funciones de participación en la clase en línea (por ejemplo, la función para Levantar la Mano en, No se tolerará el mostrar o compartir material con expresiones de odio, sexualmente explícitas o violentas, No se tolerará cualquier forma de acoso escolar (. Chat boxes are incorporated into many online classes as a place for students to share ideas and ask questions related to the lesson. Save yourself and your instructor a headache and read their instructions carefully before submitting. If you would like to use a chat feature, remember that it is public, and a record of the chat can be saved. Nobody likes the grammar police, and scolding a classmate because he or she used “your” instead of “you’re” isn’t practicing proper netiquette. Behavior patterns observation, in turn, is a necessary step in detecting students’ learning style. Instead, lean toward being polite and direct in the way you communicate to avoid these issues. Online Student Expectations What Should I Expect? Todos debemos entender, practicar y modelar los comportamientos positivos y productivos cuando estamos en línea. All Rights Reserved. GCC Online Learning 585.345.6969 online@genesee.edu In addition to proper punctuation and spelling, it’s good netiquette to use respectful greetings and signatures, full sentences and even the same old “please” and “thank you” you use in real life. Sarcasm has been the source of plenty of misguided arguments online, as it can be incredibly difficult to understand the commenter’s intent. Online communication comes with a level of anonymity that doesn’t exist when you’re talking to someone face-to-face. Some teaching expectations can span across cultures, while others may take an in … Connect with Rasmussen College on Facebook, Connect with Rasmussen College on Instagram, Connect with Rasmussen College on LinkedIn, Connect with Rasmussen College on Pinterest, Connect with Rasmussen College on Twitter, Connect with Rasmussen College on Youtube, Human Resources and Organizational Leadership, Information Technology Project Management, 9 Surprising Student Resources You Didn’t Know Rasmussen College Offered, Financial Aid and FAFSA (for those who qualify). PDF: This practice brief shares tips for maintaining continuity of learning through defining classroom expectations for remote (i.e., distance) instruction and online learning environments. “Whether or not privacy settings are in place, the internet has a tendency to house things forever, and what you say privately can easily become public,” advises etiquette expert Devoreaux Walton. Satisfaction contributes to student persistence (Harris et al., 2011, Bork & Rucks-Ahidiana, 2013). Most readers tend to perceive it as shouting and will have a hard time taking what you say seriously, no matter how intelligent your response may be. “At the core, all of these mistakes come down to forgetting that an online classroom is still a classroom,” Lynch says. Where online courses may have once been the exception, they're now part of the norm. Usar ropa apropiada siguiendo el código de vestir de tu escuela mientras estés en una videoconferencia. Student Expectations. 2 Expectations for Student Behavior in the Learning Environment • Immediately remove the student from class, without monetary refund and without opportunity to complete the coursework. With your students, co-create classroom expectations that are observable, measurable, positive, and understandable. If your questions remain unanswered after a bit of effort, feel free to bring them up with your instructor. The 5 P’s are another tool I use to reinforce expectations in the classroom. EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published in 2014. But still, there are some basic characteristics of online learners that can help ensure success. Không dung thứ mọi hình thức hiếp đáp kể cả việc uy hiếp trên mạng. Respect each student’s right to learn. Expectations. However, our behavioral expectations for online learning are the same as if students were on campus. Bộ Luật Giáo Dục 51512 cấm thâu âm hay quay phim bằng bất cứ phương tiện nào (như điện thoại lưu động, máy chụp hình, máy quay phim hay dùng các tính năng của máy điện toán) trừ phi có sự cho phép của người tham dự. Cũng như việc phải đi học và đến trường đúng giờ, học sinh phải có mặt đúng giờ khi họp trên mạng, Hãy dùng tính năng đối thoại ‘chat feature’ để tham gia đóng góp, Nhìn vào ống kính thu hình và thể hiện phong cách SLANT (Ngồi thẳng, Nghiêng Về Phía Trước, Đặt câu hỏi, Gật đầu, Chú Ý lắng nghe giáo viên). Trong thời gian học ở nhà, tất cả học sinh phải có trách nhiệm tiếp tục tuân giữ hạnh kiểm tích cực khi liên lạc trên mạng bằng cách bảo vệ và tôn trọng thầy cô giáo cùng các bạn. Các ngôn từ hay hành động uy hiếp, cụ thể hay mang tính kỳ thị (kể cả sự thù ghét và thành kiến) sẽ không được dung thứ. An effective behavior management plan will make an enormous difference in your classroom management. Treat it like the learning tool it’s meant to be, and try not to distract your classmates with off-topic discussions. Technology will grow, and students will also grow in knowledge and intelligence. Student Behavior Management Plan. “Receiving work that does not adhere to the file format and naming protocol means a student is not paying attention,” says Timbul. The class chat box isn’t an instant messenger like you’d use with friends. Add in the atmosphere of an online classroom, and suddenly the proper netiquette guidelines don’t seem as easy as a simple “please” and “thank you.”. Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited college authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Not only is it good practice to be guarded when it comes to personal information, you always want to be just as respectful toward others as you would be if you were sitting in the same room together. For questions related to class structure, such as due dates or policies, refer to your syllabus and course FAQ. I'll provide clear and concise instructions and exercises for you to follow. The basic tenets are: Be Honest, Be Respectful, Be Responsible Si deseas utilizar una función de chat, recuerda que es pública y se puede guardar un registro del, Sigue todas las directrices del GGUSD para el uso de la tecnología (Reglamento Administrativo 6143.1). Having parents invested in student behavior is a huge bonus. No se tolerará el enviar comunicaciones digitales discriminatorias o de acoso. A passing comment spoken in class can be forgotten a few minutes later, but what you share in an online classroom is part of a permanent digital record. Nhằm giúp học sinh được thành công, học khu nhận thấy rằng chúng ta có thể áp dụng cùng các nội quy thực thi trong lớp để tạo môi trường học trên mạng được an toàn và tích cực như kỳ vọng. Expectations for Students During Online Distance Learning Daily Responsibilities of Students Students will follow the schedule and attend all Zoom meetings. Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research. Bất cứ học sinh nào vi phạm quy định của học khu hay nhà trường về tác phong của học sinh sẽ bị biện pháp kỷ luật thích đáng. The program you have selected is not available in your area. Se prohíbe la grabación de audio o video en cualquier tipo de dispositivo de tecnología (por ejemplo: teléfonos celulares, cámaras, grabadoras o funciones de computadora) a menos que haya una aprobación previa de todas las personas involucradas, según el Código de Educación de California 51512. How to Add Virtual Learning to Your Behavior Matrix Teaching students to be good digital citizens has become a big part of the current distance learning environment. Cấm phô bày và chia sẻ tài liệu có lời lẽ thù ghét, gợi dục hay bạo lực. There’s a time and a place for everything—BUT IN MOST SITUATIONS TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS INAPPROPRIATE. The following Best Practices and Expectations for Online Teaching are considered best practices. As in your traditional classes, your success in an online course will be dependent on the time and effort you invest in your coursework. Displaying or sharing material that is hate speech, sexually explicit, or violent will not be tolerated. Cấm gửi các thông tin mang tính kỳ thị hay quấy nhiễu. If you don’t follow instructions, you’re taking the risk that your instructor won’t be able to find or open your assignment. Elige un lugar en donde puedas trabajar libre de distracciones y estar atento de mantener las distracciones al mínimo, al tener en cuenta que todos pueden verte. Bullying, explicit or discriminatory (including hate and bias) language or actions will not be tolerated. Approaching behavior expectations with our best instructional practices will allow students to internalize our expectations better and for longer. As the Zoom session is a part of the classroom for online virtual learning, professional, school appropriate preparation is expected for every session. El GGUSD tiene el compromiso de mantener un entorno de aprendizaje seguro y ordenado. External links provided on rasmussen.edu are for reference only. I'll monitor discussions to clarify students’ postings, highlight good or… Para asegurar el éxito de los alumnos, el Distrito reconoce que las mismas prácticas utilizadas en los salones de clases existentes pueden ser usadas para crear entornos de aprendizajes en línea seguros, predecibles y positivos. Denton, TX: University of North Texas. Just as frustration results when expectations are unmet, satisfaction follows when expectations are fulfilled. The online learning environment presents a unique set of challenges that require clear definition of instructor performance. Haz comentarios respetuosos, mostrando respeto hacia todas las culturas, opiniones y puntos de vista. A Better Way Here's a process along with a few starter ideas to move you in the right direction, whether you're an individual teacher or thinking about this on a campus-wide scale. We have to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the expectations for online learning. Así como se requiere que los alumnos estén a tiempo y presentes en la escuela, se espera que los alumnos estén a tiempo y virtualmente presentes por medio de video y audio. Nếu em muốn nói hay trả lời câu hỏi, hãy dùng các tính năng (như hình Giơ Tay trên ứng dụng Zoom) để tham gia sinh hoạt lớp trên mạng, rồi mở loa để nói sau khi giáo viên cho phép. If you've taken classes at a traditional campus you may expect that online courses will mirror the same time frame, with If the original post asked a specific question, there’s a good chance someone has already answered it. More info, Proper etiquette is nothing new for most people. Student activity logs are a key resource for gaining insight into student behavior in online environments. Students will self-report attendance everyday, … Building upon a classmate’s thought or attempting to add something new to the conversation will show your instructor you’ve been paying attention. Expectations for Student Behavior during Distance Learning GGUSD believes in supporting the safe and responsible use of all online and digital technologies for teaching and learning. Just as students are required to be on time and present at school, students are expected to be on time and virtually present via video and audio. “Rather than asking relevant questions or giving clear answers, students might use the chat box to ask questions irrelevant to the discussion, or to talk about an unrelated topic,” says Erin Lynch, senior educator at Test Innovators. Zink says a good rule of thumb to follow is if you’re comfortable standing up in front of a classroom and saying your message, then it’s most likely okay to share. Behavioral Expectations Audio or video-recording with any technology (i.e., cellphones, cameras, recorders and/or computer features) is prohibited unless there is prior approval from everyone involved as per California Education Code 51512. These guidelines for online behaviour and interaction are known as netiquette. Thực thi các biện pháp gìn giữ an toàn trên mạng bao gồm việc không phổ biến tiểu sử của mình trên mạng công cộng, không nói chuyện với người lạ, không trao đổi chi tiết cá nhân cũng như phim hay hình ảnh của mình, Nếu em muốn đối thoại, hãy nhớ rằng các chi tiết trao đổi trên mạng xã hội có thể được lưu lại, Tuân theo Mọi Hướng Dẫn Của GGUSD Về Cách Sử Dụng Phương Tiện Kỹ Thuật (Quy Định Hành Chính 6143.1). As a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid sarcasm altogether in an online classroom. No se tolerará el acoso (bullying), lenguaje o acciones explícitas o discriminatorias (incluyendo de odio y prejuicio). The work for the week in each content area can be found in Google Classroom in a module overview. Students are expected to treat each other, instructor(s), and all other staff members with courtesy and respect. Always make an effort to use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. 10 Netiquette guidelines every online student needs to know. It can be a helpful resource or a major distraction—it all depends on how well students know their classroom netiquette. Rasmussen College is not enrolling students in your state at this time. Use the chat feature to contribute and show engagement. They identify the minimum level of interaction and management needed between students and instructors to maintain a quality online learning environment. References. The first weeks of online learning will require patience and time for adjustments. GGUSD quyết tâm duy trì môi trường học tập an toàn và trật tự. This section outlines our general expectations for you as a student in our graduate program. Practicing cyber safety includes not making your profile public, not speaking to strangers, not sharing personal information, and not sharing your camera or photos. ©2020 Garden Grove Unified School District. Guidelines for Student Behavior Student behavior that includes making threats against instructors or other students, or endangers the safety of others, may result in immediate dismissal from the university and/or the university contacting local law enforcement. Online students probably don’t have the complete anonymity that comes with using a screen name, but you could still fall prey to treating someone poorly because of the distance between screens. Talk with an admissions advisor today. Guidelines for online, synchronous learning will look different depending on the resources and supports available in different school communities. Attempt to find the answers to any other questions on your own using a search engine. But in a digital age where the unwritten online “rules” are constantly changing, proper netiquette may seem a bit mystifying. By selecting "Submit", I authorize Rasmussen College to contact me by email, phone or text message at the number provided. To create a safe, effective learning environment for all your students, it's essential to develop a comprehensive student behavior management plan. I'll return graded assignments within two weeks from the due date. PIENSA antes de publicar algo, siempre usa un leguaje apropiado en todas las comunicaciones electrónicas, ncluyendo mensajes de correo electrónico publicaciones en las redes sociales, grabaciones de audio, y/o videoconferencias. In order to ensure student success, the district recognizes that the same practices used in physical classrooms can be used to create safe, predictable, and positive online learning environments. Please correct the errors and submit again. Durante este período de aprendizaje a distancia, todos los alumnos son responsables de continuar con la práctica de un comportamiento digital positivo al proteger y respetar a sus compañeros y maestros. Rasmussen College does not guarantee, approve, control, or specifically endorse the information or products available on websites linked to, and is not endorsed by website owners, authors and/or organizations referenced. Post and define positive behavior expectations. If you have vision issues, there are ways to adjust how text displays so you can still see without coming across as angry. Usa la función de chat para contribuir y mostrar participación, Mira a la cámara y muestra SLANT (Sentarse, Inclinarse, Hacer preguntas, Asentir con la cabeza, Prestar atención al maestro). Đưa ra những nhận xét, tỏ rõ sự tôn trọng đối với mọi nền văn hoá, ý kiến và quan điểm, SUY NGHĨ trước khi đăng tải, luôn luôn dùng ngôn từ thích hợp trong mọi hình thức liên lạc trên mạng điện tử, bao gồm việc gửi email, các lời đăng trên mạng xã hội, tiếng thu âm và/hoặc họp qua màn hình. STUDENT EXPECTATIONS. 08.03.2020. This piece of ad content was created by Rasmussen College to support its educational programs. We all must understand, practice, and model positive and productive behaviors when we are online. 08.17.2020, Hannah Meinke | El practicar la seguridad cibernética incluye el no hacer público tu perfil personal, no hablar con extraños, no compartir información personal, y no compartir tu cámara o tus fotos. Please select another program of interest. As a GCC Online Learning student, reading and fully understanding this document and abiding by all expectations will keep you on the path to success. It has since been updated. THINK before posting, always using appropriate language in all electronic communications, including, email, social media posts, audio recordings, and/or video conferencing. Below are some of these characteristics which will help frame your expectations of how to be a successful student in an online program or course. The following expectations for participation in online learning (via Zoom, Google hangouts, email, group chats, etc.) These expectations will include online and offline learning activities. apply to all students: Students have the right to express themselves and participate freely in an online class. Look for each school's official academic calendar. As we begin distance learning, it is important to establish expectations so that we can maximize the success of our students. Because a remote learning environment is still a classroom, school behavior norms and rules are to be followed just as expected in the regular educational setting/classroom. Make a point to be kind and respectful in your comments—even if you disagree with someone. The SEOLS (Student Expectations of Online Learning Survey) instrument was designed to assess a wide variety of student expectations Any student violating district or school-wide behavior expectations shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. When student expectations are consistent with their course experiences, students are more likely to persist in the online learning environment. Choose a distraction-free workspace and be mindful about keeping distractions to a minimum, remembering that everyone can see you. With a few adaptations, teachers can use a PBIS framework to make remote learning safe, predictable, and positive. Submitting an answer that is eerily similar to a classmate’s indicates to the instructor that you haven’t paid attention to the conversation thus far. During this period of distance learning, all students are responsible for continuing to practice positive digital citizenship by protecting and respecting their peers and teachers. What may seem like an obvious joke to you could come across as off-putting or rude to those who don’t know you personally. You grew up with your parents constantly telling you to mind your manners. Learn how to be on your best behavior in an online classroom with 10 netiquette guidelines every online student … (2016). Explicitly teach behavior expectations. Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited private college. GGUSD is committed to the maintenance of a safe and orderly learning environment. 10.05.2020, Anjali Stenquist | We enlisted several experts to set some guidelines to make sure your online manners are up to par. Ashley is a freelance writer for Collegis education who writes student-focused articles on behalf of Rasmussen College. At St. John’s, a private, all-boys school, Gallagher’s colleagues recommend that each class meet at least once a week synchronously, for a minimum of 30 minutes but not exceeding 50 minutes. Expectations for Online Learning. Rasmussen College may not prepare students for all positions featured within this content. Guidelines for Online Communication Please visit www.rasmussen.edu/degrees for a list of programs offered. GGUSD believes in supporting the safe and responsible use of all online and digital technologies for teaching and learning. If you anticipate any problems in meeting these expectations or should you require assistance or special accommodations in order for you to meet the expectations, please contact your cohort team leader or advisor. If you’re confused or stuck on an assignment, your first instinct may be to immediately ask a question. Sometimes this leads people to behave rudely when they disagree with one another. She believes in the power of words and knowledge and enjoys using both to encourage others on their learning journeys, Will Erstad | “Good netiquette means conducting yourself in an online class with the same respect, politeness and professionalism that you would exhibit in a real-life classroom.”, You’ve just completed your crash course in netiquette guidelines, so go out there and post like the well-mannered student you are! Cualquier alumno que no cumpla con las expectativas de comportamiento del Distrito o de toda la escuela estará sujeto a las medidas disciplinarias apropiadas. All Rights Reserved. Ensure that updates and expectations about the school’s remote learning program are communicated to students and families. Wear appropriate clothing following your school dress code while on video conferencing. Mặc áo quần chỉnh tề theo quy định phục sức của trường khi họp trên màn hình. Tất cả chúng ta cần phải hiểu rõ, thực thi và làm gương tác phong tích cực và hiệu quả khi sử dụng mạng. Below is a list of five basic methods for managing online classroom behavior. Look into the camera and show SLANT (Sit up, Lean in, Ask questions, Nod, Track your teacher). But before you ask, take the time to try to figure it out on your own. On the other hand, it’s important to be reasonable about others’ grammar mistakes. During this period of distance learning, all students are responsible for continuing to practice positive digital citizenship by protecting and respecting their peers and teachers. We enlisted several experts to set some guidelines to make sure your online manners are up to par.

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