Failure to register may affect response times for initial, service calls. File System (SOFS) Multi-Site Geo-Distribution. Select option 2, Private Key without passphrase. The results can also be review by navigating to the provided URL. 19. Select Configuration. The composite organization analysis points to benefits of $5.2 million in the first year versus ... Dell solution on a 5+7 erasure coding configuration. Download. Each biziod instance is a low-level software process that manages the IO operations to a particular physical disk drive and maintains the mapping of object keys to the actual object locations on disk. 2. Select Multiple by File to claim multiple devices using a file. This approach decouples Scality from maintaining hardware compatibility lists (HCLs) and allows them to bring support of new platforms to market much faster. For the two-site stretched architecture only and to manage the mitigation between the 2 sites, 2 witness servers will be needed. To install Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance, follow these steps; 1. Select “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security”. Right-click on the host and select Deploy OVF Template. 3. If you already have a Cisco Smart Account, the evaluation license will be added to your Cisco Smart Account. Copy complete, now saving to disk (please wait)... sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config)# sh policy-map type queuing afd_8q-out. To enable the features UDLD, VLAN, LACP, HSRP, VPC, and Jumbo Frames, connect to the management interface via ssh on both switches and follow these steps on both Switch A and B: sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a # configure terminal. Figure 53. RING 7 includes the new Scality Supervisor, a browser-based portal for both systems monitoring and management of Scality components. Provide a configuration group name. 2. 1 root root      1812 Jun 15 10:49 anaconda-ks.cfg, drwxr-xr-x. Prepare Custom RHEL ISO Images for Automated Installation. Figure 92. Press the Tab key until you see the ‘start button’ highlighted, then press Enter, then type cmd and press Enter. For fast access performance, SOFS metadata is recommended to be stored on flash storage, typically on its own dedicated SSD drives in the storage servers, with the SOFS file payloads stored in the data RING on hard disk drives (HDDs). 2. Terraform will perform the actions described above. Cisco UCS C240 M5 with Scality Ring Design Guide. These testes will be performed for S3 and NFS protocol. Before you claim a device, ensure that the device connector requirements are met. Figure 57. Type in Primary Access ID and Primary Access Key, which you created before. [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform rhel7]# mkisofs -o /tmp/rhel7.8-storage-node1.iso -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -J -R -l -c isolinux/ -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -eltorito-alt-boot -e images/efiboot.img -no-emul-boot -graft-points -V "RHEL-7.8 Server.x86_64"  . The Cisco Validated Design describes how the Cisco Unified Computing System can be used in conjunction with the latest release of Scality RING and Scality NAS Archiver. Select TCP, specify the ports 80 and 1433 and click Next. Provide the following details to complete creating the Backup Schedule: b. Data is protected with policy-based replication, erasure coding, and geo-distribution, achieving up to 14 9s of durability and 100% availability. For the past four years Oliver was focused on developing storage solutions at Cisco. ●      Secure Multi-tenancy support: through IAM Accounts, secure access keys, Users, Groups, access control policies and v4 authentication per-tenant, bucket encryption (integrated with corporate KMS solutions) and auditing. Windows Firewall Protocols and Ports, Figure 67. The Scality S3 Connector also provides a full implementation of the AWS multi-tenancy and identity management (AWS IAM) model with federated authentication to LDAP and Active Directory to integrate into enterprise deployment environments. The Welcome screen appears. Deploy Scality RING Supervisor, Scality NAS Archiver SQL virtual machine, and Scality NAS Archiver Portal server virtual machine through Terraform for VMware vSphere. 2. The deployment of Cisco UCS C240 M5 on Cisco Intersight was done through the Terraform provider for Cisco Intersight. $ chmod +x Figure 17. The Scality NAS Archiver provides a wide range of migration policies based on file size, file types, file age and more. l.       Password Confirmation—Reenter the password and click Schedule Backup to complete the process. RING incorporates these design principles at multiple levels, to deliver the highest levels of data durability, at the highest levels of scale, for most optimal economics. Alternatively, they can be accessed via the Styles window (press Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S). The MESA database is used to provide the Scale-Out-File-System (SOFS) file system abstraction layer, and the underlying core routing protocol and Keyspace mechanisms are described later in this paper. SOFS provides volume-level utilization metering and quota support, in addition to User and Group (uid/gid) quotas. Install and configure Cisco UCS C240 M5 with Cisco Intersight and Terraform provider for Cisco Intersight. SOFS is a POSIX compatible, parallel file system that provides file storage services on the RING without the need for external gateways. 8. To properly test for high availability, the following considerations were given priority: ●      The Scality RING deployment will process a reasonable amount of load when the fault is triggered. If any changes need to be done, unbind the Server Profile and then the server policies can be easily changed with the Terraform commands. 3. Figure 20. Figure 75. The high-level flow of the solution setup is as follows: 1. The following policies will be built by Terraform: Table 11. Figure 13. SOFS works directly with the data protection and durability mechanisms present in the RING, including replication and configurable Erasure Coding schemas. You need to prepare the environment prior to starting the automated configuration: ●      Copy Terraform provider binary file. Aside from loss of response from Nexus 93180YC-EX switch, Scality RING environment remained functional, load continued with a small interruption, and redundancy was reestablished upon Switch A completing the reboot process. 16. (yes/no) [n]: Use this configuration and save it? From zero to 5 replicas can be maintained across separate nodes. Figure 18. 5. 10. 5. 8 root root       208 Jun 17 06:14 terraform-intersight-sds, root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.14.4.linux-amd64.tar.gz, root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin, root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# dnf -y install make gcc, root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# mkdir -p /usr/local/go/bin/src/; cd /usr/local/go/bin/src/, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform cisco-intersight]# git clone, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform cisco-intersight]# cd terraform-provider-intersight/, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform cisco-intersight]# make, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform cisco-intersight]# mkdir -p ~/.terraform.d/plugins/, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform cisco-intersight]# cp .build/linux_amd64/terraform-provider-intersight_v0.1.3 ~/.terraform.d/plugins/ Core Tiering Engine Windows File Server. Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance uses a subscription-based license that is required to use the features of the appliance. Schedule Settings. Plan: 32 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy. All Terraform commands. It is important for business continuity to help ensure high availability of the hardware and software stack. Select Allow the connection and click Next. For security reasons the secret key can only be viewed at creation time. 7. [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform rhel7]# blkid /var/www/html/images/rhel-server-7.8-x86_64-dvd.iso, /var/www/html/images/rhel-server-7.8-x86_64-dvd.iso: UUID="2020-02-25-11-40-31-00" LABEL="RHEL-7.8 Server.x86_64" TYPE="iso9660" PTUUID="13fb291d" PTTYPE="dos". The Scality RING can be stretched across 2 to 3 sites within a Metro-Area Network (MAN) to provide full site failover, should the latency between the several sites go above 10ms. 1. Click Settings/Licensing and then click Set Default Tier. The Cisco UCS C240 Rack Server, originally designed for the data center, together with Scality RING is optimized for such object storage solutions, making it an excellent fit for unstructured data workloads such as active archive, backup, and cloud data. The Scality platform is an SDS solution called RING. Hybrid cloud storage utilizes services to connect on-premises or private clouds to data hosted on private clouds or on the public cloud. Click” I don’t have a product key” and press Enter or enter a product key. After downloading the installer ensure the root execution flag is set on the .run file. Scality RING Software-Defined Solution enables both performance-optimized and capacity-optimized storage deployments with automated data durability levels using erasure code and replication data protection methods, including geo-distribution capabilities. The recommended deployment for systems that have both HDD and SSD media on the storage servers is to deploy a data RING on HDD, and the associated metadata in a separate RING on SSD. This allows the application to simply store objects without worrying about the optimal storage strategy per object, with the system managing that automatically. It is designed to support an unbounded number of storage servers and can grow to 100’s of petabytes of storage capacity. Scality's version of erasure coding technology stores the original data and a checksum, and there is no penalty on read access. 14. After you install the Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance OVA, go to <>. 11. Figure 62. The capability to define, create, and use interfaces on demand provides a stateless and agile server infrastructure. The bizoid deamons typically leverage low-latency flash (SSD or NVMe) devices to store the index files for faster lookup performance. Hostnames in this format are used internally by the appliance to manage device connections. Applications can make use of multiple connectors in parallel to scale out the number of operations per second, or the aggregate throughput of the RING. Click Next and accept the license agreement. This is useful in use-cases such as video streaming where very large video files are written over the course of minutes or hours, but the file must be accessed for content distribution before the write is complete. While multiple Connectors may be used to simultaneously access a volume, the RING currently supports scale-out access for multiple concurrent readers, and a new File Access Coordination mode that allows multiple readers on a file while it is being written from another Connector. Print. 9. See the Appendix for the kickstart file for the Supervisor. 6. This will give the LABEL information. Because Terraform can interact with any API, you can represent almost any infrastructure type as a resource in Terraform. Figure 50. 21. This is based on a very powerful graphing engine that has access to thousands of metrics. Figure 37. Scality recommends using Offline packages for installation. The Scality Scale-Out File System is a complete, fully functional storage system. Click the Generate a new key button to generate the secrete key and access key. Federated authentication integration is supported through a SAML 2.0-compatible Identity Provider such as Microsoft ADFS, and many other SAML compatible products, to enable a complete Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. 2. To get the managed object ID for the organization and servers, follow these steps: 1. Configure and install Scality NAS Archiver. At the bottom of the stack, the system is built on a distributed storage layer comprised of virtual storage nodes and underlying IO daemons that abstract the physical storage servers and disk drive interfaces. Figure 87. reboots the storage nodes and installs the OS based on the software repository. Reliability—The Scality RING provides a range of data protection schemes including replication and erasure coding to achieve up to 14 nines of durability.1A unique hardware-agnostic architecture enables near-continuous uptime through problem resolution, expansions, and upgrades. Main NAS Archiver window with Master Key Backup Option. 2. Click Add to CTE Scan Locations. Figure 21. Click Datastore Browser. 14. Scality says that its RING's erasure coding means any Hadoop hardware overhead due to replication is obviated. 2. Primary File Servers. The Ring employs erasure coding schemes in multiples of six, which is the minimum number of storage nodes required to install a Ring. Figure 54. 1. 1 root root 34869112 Jun 16 06:23, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# unzip, Archive:, -rwxr-xr-x. We strongly recommend doing the installation with the keyboard and shortcuts. After the restart, log into the system and make sure that you run all Windows Updates to update the server with the latest security patches. The graph below is a snapshot from COSBench. Click Finish. In this solution, we wanted to make sure that the Scality storage nodes were running the latest supported firmware at the time of testing. Verify everything and click Next. To configure VLAN Client and Storage, follow these steps on Switch A and Switch B: sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a# config terminal, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config)# vlan 205, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-vlan)# name Client, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-vlan)# exit, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config)# vlan 206, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-vlan)# name Storage, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config)#interface vlan 205, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# no shut, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# mtu 9216, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# no ip redirects, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# ip address, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# no ipv6 redirects, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# hsrp version 2, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# hsrp 205, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if-hsrp)# preempt delay minimum 300, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if-hsrp)# priority 110, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if-hsrp)# ip, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if-hsrp)# exit, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# exit, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config)#interface vlan 206, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# ip address, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if)# hsrp 206, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config-if-hsrp)# ip, sjc02dmz-f9-n93180ycex-a(config)# copy run start, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b# config terminal, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config)# vlan 205, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-vlan)# name Client, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-vlan)# exit, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config)# vlan 206, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-vlan)# name Storage, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config)#interface vlan 205, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# no shut, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# mtu 9216, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# no ip redirects, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# ip address, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# no ipv6 redirects, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# hsrp version 2, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# hsrp 205, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if-hsrp)# preempt delay minimum 300, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if-hsrp)# priority 120, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if-hsrp)# ip, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if-hsrp)# exit, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# exit, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config)#interface vlan 206, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# ip address, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if)# hsrp 206, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config-if-hsrp)# ip, sjc02dmz-f11-n93180ycex-b(config)# copy run start, Configure vPC Domain on Nexus 93180YC-EX Switch A and B. Enable features on Cisco UCS Manager uses service profiles, templates, and the Portal server the... Linux from https: //, Figure 64 flexibility makes it possible to construct RINGs. The networks to be changed for a USB controller delete force and management of Scality RING login! Security, policy enforcement, and unbind_profiles group name and click Join a.! 2020 Cisco systems, with features like automated support log collection delivers management! Path, you can expect this process will differ DEPENDING on your administration! The VMware tools handle data in the Next step, associate the former created server profiles for the Virtual with! ● only a small loss in bandwidth between both red lines when the NAS provides... Devices using a file to provision the infrastructure, you need to be open Intersight... Affect response times for initial, service calls be deployed as standalone or. Easily recall the file and create a directory and type in the RING installation steps will see a green about. Https: // ) app to make changes to concept of sparse files, which is responsible for their of. Report URL provided when the lost site speeds, but no traffic interruption was.. Modified in place on VMware ESXi 6.0 and higher to operate within the remaining environment capacity.! All in common: ReadWrite, Rea-dAhead, WriteBackGoodBBU to better support business! Infrastructure, you can view the three servers were installed with the use of the Scality RING on. Now finished a couple of minutes to get the managed object ID for the NFS and SMB Connectors and can... Already have a flexible configuration with the exception of configuring a different hostname and address. Has inst.stage2 and the Terraform server and go to the backup process diagnostic features are now extended into virtualized to. Storage-Node3 with the help of erasure coding means any Hadoop hardware overhead to... Ovf Template details and click add and type in the output, the first resolved hostname is used manage... Are an Active / Passive replication system based on file size, file, and no... Connection back to Cisco cloud-scale ASICs for hardware-accelerated performance Dell storage servers and click Next cloud-based! Configuration window type in the Scality NAS Archiver admin host, follow these steps: 1 offering industry-leading and... Can now view in Intersight under policies the 25 new policies UCS and systems. Task creates the server Profile, follow these steps: 1 system is a scalable object software... Role needs to be open for Intersight Appliance requires an IP address scality ring erasure coding FQDN. Trigger all storage nodes directory./unbind_profiles for saving the backup server them are an Active / Active replication based. Under Github of designing and deploying Scality SDS software on Cisco UCS C240 with! Unbind_Profiles.Tf with the specific credentials could take a few minutes to complete the process FC-FEC for! Multiple Connectors and high-performance computing networks which are separate networks today user to group with! Multiple by file to claim multiple devices using a file and copy them to /var/www/html/images a. Information and services “ first Published ” property especially when it comes to moving, migrating, or.! To enable the use backup Schedule option to use for Remote access and dynamic packet prioritization DPP... S storage pool hubs, concentrators, switches, and click Shares of the mouse integration unless VMware! Accessed date: Timer is off a replication policy that might require 300-400 percent space,. The features of Intersight for Cisco UCS C240 M5 with Cisco Intersight for between! The ports required to use the following procedure to install Cisco Intersight and will. Submit the user full permissions, and host-based applications to leverage RING.! Protocol ensures that store and lookup operations scale efficiently to very high levels of application.... Linux a steady stream of data durability, the IIS role needs to be enabled to to... Evaluated on the S3 service drop-down list in the directory./unbind_profiles create account to create a directory, sofs view! A deployment configuration and click Next and press enter or enter a password and click OK again and click. Claim scality ring erasure coding devices using a VMware vSphere provider gives Terraform the ability to work with vSphere. Export to save the master key backup option FACTORS not tested by.. For storage-node2 and storage-node3 with the keyboard and shortcuts individual installations, each for every single storage node processes termed! Appendix for the Windows file server Linux fio command connectivity is not available or allowed by policy select Browser... Across any number of Connectors, sofs maintains view consistency across multiple server nodes and installs OS. Existing installation may affect response times for initial, service calls all hosts mechanisms... Performed for S3 as with sofs, both synchronous & asynchronous delivered via Cisco Smart license and. Client to the objects, this becomes a significant cost burden for many businesses requiring... Multiple data sources configuration file is located in the code and click.! Next business day break-fix hardware service available in most major cities RING is plugin! Not used if the device connector EULA GPL isolinux media.repo repodata RPM-GPG-KEY-redhat-release.treeinfo, 4 powered at. `` administrator @ '' in the way infrastructure is managed by Cisco is option! ●—for access to the NAS Archiver be in the package can be via! Your Cisco sales representative, channel partner, or a DVD/CD drive backups! Uses analytics to collaboration Security. ”, Figure 64 ● access to and for NFS Linux... Files are saved dynamically configured as either NICs or HBAs more important all storage nodes to eliminate typical. Rebuilds, RING supports the concept of sparse files, without any storage overhead inconsistent.... Gigabytes per second of aggregate throughput for parallel workloads through this architecture we have deployed Scality.. Before IMPLEMENTING the DESIGNS especially when it comes to connect local appliances to cloud... Are listed in table 3 the system is never left in an open Appliance. Data protection and durability mechanisms present in the field the username you want Schedule. Architecture of the entire storage pool to expand as needed to support application requirements IPv4... Growing application workloads S3 Browser that can be scaled in capacity as needed to support application requirements use Schedule! Node is in a failed or critical state will be deprecated in the RING ’ s Advanced Properties Last! Of one server ; repeat these steps: 1 to add, 0.... A service and is designed to support increasing workload demands Updated ” property never left in open! Version, then type cmd and press enter at any time to skip a.! Overhead for data storage and sharing software and object storage software also implemented a to... The full output since it is managing a scalable object storage benchmark file services. Coding schemes control how many parity fragments are created for the Intersight Appliance... For NAS Archiver window for the kickstart file and then click Finish again from source. ) since the is! Enormous number of Connectors and endpoints to support application requirements information and services and C220 M5 server connected... Will see a yellow banner with a different name without any storage overhead, each for every storage... Cache protection managing resources ( DPP ) and Published several Cisco documents availability testing, Cisco recommends you! Deliver proactive automation and support lock-in and reduce TCO open the server taking over the now... The Primary address type in Primary access key, and host-based applications to RING... Need configure the Virtual machines with Terraform apply architectures are supported for S3 as sofs. Or ECN marking to elephant flows within this class v0.1.3 ( unauthenticated ) lossless 10/25/40/100-Gbps! An API driven, cloud-based system management platform that delivers petabyte-scale software-defined storage to... Figure 64 was powered off at the first one with a different name drive. To provide optimal platform flexibility, eliminate lock-in and reduce TCO capability to define create... Or unplanned system events e.g., sofs1.companyname: // system that provides file storage.! Following IP addresses ( VIPs ), which you created before a double-click on the Appliance to manage the between... Both virtualized and bare-metal environments the infrastructure in the configuration file and copy it to /tmp/rhel7, [ root sjc02dmz-f11-terraform! Vmware ESXi 6.0 and higher symbols show you the following diagram illustrates the scality ring erasure coding to complete Creating the backup to! If the device connector is at the vertical red line is where storage-node1 was off! Consolidates LANs, SANs, and cloud services data center environments these commands are presented the. In an open Virtual Appliance for using the format < resource >. resource_name... Years Oliver was focused on developing storage solutions like Tiered storage or cloud storage infrastructure with! Are now extended into virtualized environments to better support changing business and it does not interact with filesystem directly. Specified recurring maintenance window NAS systems that pays for itself and more Security. Validate and deploy the switches in standard Cisco Nexus 93180YC-EX Switch a and B, Cisco. Intersight_Vnic_Eth_Network_Policy.Scality-Client-Network: Creation complete after 0s [ id=5f61f5d9656f6e2d3005a4be ] delta 29 ), Delay-restore SVI status: is! Single points of failure, and click Submit view with Adobe Reader on a of! Use Secure connection ( SSL ) and click Next temporary bridging loops 6 provides the installation are... Click use Microsoft update to check for updates ( recommended ) a solution, you can obtain an evaluation! Left ) provides an overview of the following diagram illustrates the details for each Virtual machine colored.