It can be finished much like hard-coat plaster or concrete where the compound is troweled as it's getting hard. Warm or hot water will cause the product to get hard faster. The way you measure the ratio could be in shovels, buckets, or wheel barrows. Step Four: The first time using this material I suggest you only mix up about one quart of volume. Filler: Calcium Sulfate. Masonry cements are mixed with sand in the following proportions (by volume). 200-300 um in just one coat is easily achievable. Small paint mixer for drill Step Five: Mix the product with cold water to start. Suppress the superhero feeling welling up inside you where you think you can master this product the first time. The mix ratio of 1:2:3 consists of 1 Part cement, 2 Parts sand, and 3 Parts stone (plus some water) to make a concrete mix you can use for most any building project. "cheap labor pays for expensive headaches" Comment. • Wet-mixed volume of setting-type joint compounds approx. Concrete Mix Ratio Calculator. Allow to stand as a “wetting” period and remix to further improve the working qualities. Featheredge all broken film areas. I urge you to try using them and keep a bag on hand in case of an emergency. Step Eight: The wet sanding or troweling process requires practice as you must do this at a specific time when the compound is hard enough to react to the pressure of the trowel, but not so hard as it's completely set up. Before 1978 1978 - 2013. When this ratio is increased to 0.5, 0.6 and 0.7, etc., The resulting batches of concrete show considerably less compressive strength. Tools needed to mix a setting type joint compound: 5 gallon bucket Cordless or corded drill Small paint mixer for drill Plastic jug for water. Ans. Re: Mixing setting and joint compound together? A skilled taper can easily do a complete room in … No problems sanding or with cracking (unless my fault for some reason). This is a dry-setting joint compound. Sheetrock® Brand Easy Sand™ Joint Compound can be used for a variety of applications including: filling, smoothing and finishing interior concrete ceilings and above-grade concrete, taping and finishing panels in bathroom areas and finishing joints in protected exterior soffits. Mix it to the consistency of warm cake icing. Be sure to read the directions because mixing and setting times may vary for different brands of setting type compounds, Mixing directions for SHEETROCK® Brand Easy Sand™. If you have purchased the compound that sets up in 45 minutes, then you only mix up as much as you can apply to the wall or ceiling in 22 minutes. It can be finished much like hard-coat plaster or concrete … Sand repair area with 80 grit followed by 180 grit. You just need to be aware that you should only mix as much up as you can use in half the time it says on the bag. Needless to say, I don't need 18 pounds of compound to finish this small of an area. google_ad_width = 420; These compounds are ideal for heavy fills and they sand easily, allowing fast, smooth finishing.