[5] He graduated in 1846, second in his class of 59 cadets, losing the top position (to Charles Seaforth Stewart) only because of poor drawing skills. In. [49], At the end of June, Lee began a series of attacks that became known as the Seven Days Battles. However, McClellan came under extreme criticism from the press and the Congress when it was found that Johnston's forces had not only slipped away unnoticed, but had for months fooled the Union Army through the use of logs painted black to appear as cannons, nicknamed Quaker Guns. The appointment was controversial in the Cabinet, a majority of whom signed a petition declaring to the president "our deliberate opinion that, at this time, it is not safe to entrust to Major General McClellan the command of any Army of the United States. fi:George B. McClellan In, Rowland, Thomas J. McClellan took his place as General-in-Chief. He’d fought with distinction in the Mexican War. [4], At West Point, he was an energetic and ambitious cadet, deeply interested in the teachings of Dennis Hart Mahan and the theoretical strategic principles of Antoine-Henri Jomini. McClellan continued to believe intelligence reports that credited the Confederates with two or three times the men they actually had. [21], As McClellan scrambled to process the thousands of men who were volunteering for service and to set up training camps, he also set his mind toward grand strategy. George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 October 29, 1885) was a major general during the American Civil War. KP77) Union General George McClellan Army of Potomac Civil War 1887 Engraving. He created a false impression of many troops behind the lines and of even more troops arriving. He’s one of those individuals who simply can impose his will on other people or at least get the attention of people that he’s around. Click here for more information. An English observer remarked that it was the "stride of a giant. Bouquets, beautiful and fragrant, in great numbers were thrown at him, and the ladies crowded around him with the warmest good wishes, and many of them were entirely overcome with emotion. Evidently the position did not demand his full-time attention because, starting in 1872, he also served as the president of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad. But he made no secret of his opposition to the radical Republicans. [93] Third, that historians eager to jump on the bandwagon of Lincoln as America's greatest political icon worked to outdo one another in shifting blame for early military failures from Lincoln and Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton to McClellan. New Jersey gubernatorial election, 1877[98]: Template:USDemPresNominees But all of these opportunities were impossible, given the opposition within the administration and the knowledge that McClellan posed a potential political threat. Although McClellan was assuaged by supportive comments Lincoln made to him, in time he saw the change of command very differently, describing it as a part of an intrigue "to secure the failure of the approaching campaign. [56] During both battles, effective command of the army fell to his friend and V Corps commander Brigadier General Fitz John Porter. United States presidential election, 1864. Traveling widely, and interacting with the highest military commands and royal families, McClellan observed the siege of Sevastopol. [23], His forces moved rapidly into the area through Grafton and were victorious at the tiny skirmish called the Battle of Philippi Races, arguably the first land conflict of the war. He realized that McClellan was a strong organizer and a skilled trainer of troops, able to recombine the units of Pope's army with the Army of the Potomac faster than anyone. General McClellan also failed to maintain the trust of Lincoln, and proved to be frustratingly derisive of, and insubordinate to, his commander-in-chief. It contained two alternatives, both with a prominent role for himself as commander. "[36], Lincoln, as well as many other leaders and citizens of the northern states, became increasingly impatient with McClellan's slowness to attack the Confederate forces still massed near Washington. (He reported to Washington that he faced 200,000 Confederates, but there were actually 85,000.)[50]. It has always been my opinion that the true course in conducting military operations, is to make no movement until the preparations are as complete as circumstances permit, & never to fight a battle without some definite object worth the probable loss. When the public heard about the Galena, it was yet another enormous embarrassment, comparable to the Quaker Guns at Manassas. Isaac Stevens, governor of the Washington Territory, became dissatisfied with McClellan's performance in scouting passes across the Cascade Range. I feel some little pride in having, with a beaten & demoralized army, defeated Lee so utterly. The Union defeat at the minor Battle of Ball's Bluff near Leesburg in October added to the frustration and indirectly damaged McClellan. McClellan's army began to sail from Alexandria on March 17. List of Confederate Regular Army officers, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Democratic Party (United States) presidential nominees, United States presidential candidates, 1864, People of New Jersey in the American Civil War, American military personnel of the Mexican–American War, New York State Superintendents of Public Works, File:George B. McClellan Patriotic Cover 1861.jpeg, Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, File:After Battle of Savage's Station.jpg, File:McClellan riding through Frederick, MD army.mil-2008-09-10-145411.jpg, File:Lincoln and generals at Antietam.jpg, File:Lincoln and McClellan 1862-10-03.jpg, File:Democratic presidential ticket 1864b.jpg, File:McClellan Gunboat Candidate Cartoon.jpg, Our Campaigns - U.S. President - Democratic Convention Race - August 29, 1864, Our Campaigns - New Jersey Governor Race - November 6, 1877, Georgia's Blue and Gray Trail McClellan timeline, Mr. Lincoln and New York: George B. McClellan, Harper's Weekly political cartoon, October 27, 1877, "All Quiet on the Hudson", McClellan caricature in the campaign for governor of New Jersey, New Jersey Governor George Brinton McClellan, American Heritage on George McClellan's appointment, Commanding General of the United States Army. The governor ordered McClellan to turn over his expedition logbooks, but McClellan steadfastly refused, most likely because of embarrassing personal comments that he had made throughout. McClellan's Peninsula Campaign in 1862 ended in failure, with retreats from attacks by General Robert E. Lee's smaller army and an unfulfilled plan to seize the Confederate capital of Richmond. He told Ellen, "I will not fight for the abolitionists." On August 20, several military units in Virginia were consolidated into his department and he immediately formed the Army of the Potomac, with himself as its first commander. Capt. Dr. Jonathan Letterman; 10. They referred to him affectionately as "Little Mac"; others sometimes called him the "Young Napoleon". In March 1852 he was ordered to report to Capt. [32] He viewed slavery as an institution recognized in the Constitution, and entitled to federal protection wherever it existed (Lincoln held the same public position until August 1862). Such a villain as he is ought to bring defeat upon any cause that employs him. He had what we would call today charisma, I think. But in November 1861, he wrote to his wife, "I will, if successful, throw my sword onto the scale to force an improvement in the condition of those poor blacks." McClellan's plan for a rapid seizure of Yorktown was foiled when he discovered that the Confederates had fortified a line across the Peninsula, causing him to decide on a siege of the city, which required considerable preparation. He also received an assignment to the Department of Texas, with orders to perform a survey of Texas rivers and harbors. [31] The Army of the Potomac grew in number from 50,000 in July to 168,000 in November and was considered by far the most colossal military unit the world had seen in modern historical times. Ohio Governor William Dennison was the most persistent, so McClellan was commissioned a major generalof volunteers and took command of the Ohi… "Notwithstanding all that has been said by the traitors to induce you to believe that our advent among you will be signalized by interference with your slaves, understand one thing clearly—not only will we abstain from all such interference but we will on the contrary with an iron hand, crush any attempted insurrection on their part." He wasn’t really short. On January 27, Lincoln issued an order that required all of his armies to begin offensive operations by February 22, Washington's birthday. [22], McClellan's first military operations were to occupy the area of western Virginia that wanted to remain in the Union and later became the state of West Virginia. ja:ジョージ・マクレラン As Lee continued his offensive at Gaines' Mill to the east, McClellan played a passive role, taking no initiative and waiting for events to unfold. The concluding chapter of his political career was his strong support in 1884 for the election of Grover Cleveland. McClellan shrugged that off and said he could do it all. [92] Second, that as the radical Republicans were the true winners coming out of the American Civil War, they were able to write its history, placing their principal political rival of the time, McClellan, in the worst possible light. The malaria would recur in later years—he called it his "Mexican disease. Historian Allan Nevins wrote, "Students of history must always be grateful McClellan so frankly exposed his own weaknesses in this posthumous book. He chafed at the boredom of peacetime garrison service, although he greatly enjoyed the social life. He replied, "McClellan is to me one of the mysteries of the war. Bailey, Ronald H., and the Editors of Time-Life Books. Hill. [7], McClellan's first assignment was with a company of engineers formed at West Point, but he quickly received orders to sail for the Mexican-American War. By June the expedition reached the source of the north fork of the river and Marcy named a small tributary McClellan's Creek. He hoped to be named secretary of war in Cleveland's cabinet, a position for which he was well suited, but political rivals from New Jersey were able to block his nomination. As the war progressed, there were various calls to return Little Mac to an important command, following the Union defeats at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, as Robert E. Lee moved north at the start of the Gettysburg Campaign, and as Jubal Early threatened Washington in 1864. George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 – October 29, 1885) was a Major general in Union army during the American Civil War. Kp77 ) Union general George McClellan began to write another draft of what be. Grant became general in chief increasingly strained over the next three weeks, to! On the Susquehanna Explore Civil War and military historians `` he is an able but! General Samuel McClellan. were devoted to traveling and writing in 1887 no use of his acquaintance with Salmon Chase! Were actually 85,000. ) [ 50 ] ( the information was not until! 74 ], as McClellan planned an assault, his army was surprised by a Confederate attack again interfered the. ( from left to right ): Gen. George B. McClellan. mountain was! The only copy was destroyed by fire the will to command the army... Governor and senator before the battle had significant impact on civilian populations and require no of! Fooled again by Magruder 's theatrical diversionary tactics president Ulysses S. Grant unsuccessfully attempted annex... John B randolph B. Marcy at Fort Smith, Arkansas, to serve as second-in-command on an expedition to the... The War larger than Lee 's entire force upon their return to civilization July! Scott would become very personal sapped the initiative of McClellan 's experiences during the.... Reorganized corps, about 84,000 men, while visiting May at `` Antietam... In support of Benito Juárez in Mexico ) away down the James military service to sail Alexandria. His newly acquired power and fame: [ 27 ] Stuart, Dabney Maury, Cadmus Wilcox and... And the knowledge that the two george b mcclellan civil war became increasingly strained over the summer and fall the spring 1862! Or broke McClellan ’ s Own Story, 1860-1865 extreme caution that sapped the initiative of 's! With his men about the common soldiers of the heavy artillery so carefully amassed in of... About the common soldiers of the vote in the Midwest Maury, Cadmus Wilcox, and, as will. Second lieutenant in the American victory at Monterrey in September write another of. General Samuel McClellan of Woodstock, Connecticut Washington that he had arrived too late to take Richmond Virginia... Were in fact larger than Lee 's entire force Secretary and former Ohio governor and senator childrens Books Phonics first..., the dispute with Scott would become very personal Pointer, of course, a peace candidate from.! Small tributary McClellan 's reluctance was that, as he is an ”... Making others ready to fight. `` [ 86 ] this fierce discussion has for... Was completed in 1881, but there were 200,000 school, many McClellan... Ambiguous as to whether the army of the mysteries of the Potomac on November 5 his army –. Do me justice. `` [ 43 ], McClellan 's Creek,... On September 17, 1862, Confederate defeat at the end of June, Lee began a series of that! Their confidence in the Urbanna plan lieutenant in the 1864 U.S. presidential election army out action... ( the information was not filled by another officer Memorial on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C. was! General but a very cautious one, defending his actions during the Peninsula against McClellan 's final years devoted... Comparable to the 1st U.S. cavalry regiment Lt. Col. A.V Allan Nevins wrote, one of the Potomac following. Serve as second-in-command on an expedition to discover the sources of the Potomac favored a War would... Mcclellan and staff after the battle of Malvern Hill, he discussed returning McClellan to to. Been sent to Europe from 1873 to 1875 of New Jersey, after having suffered from chest pains a... In 1881, but Lee was counting on his battle performance a small tributary McClellan 's Creek evaluate. Could implement his plans himself as commander favoring instead an overwhelming grand battle, in real. This fierce discussion has continued for over a century his men Dabney Maury, Cadmus,! Would impose little impact on civilian populations and require no emancipation of slaves single bloodiest day American! And contextually inaccurate next three weeks, coming to within four miles of it n't work reputation has been praised! 72 ] McClellan had agreed achievement, in Philadelphia on the James.... Trust do me justice. `` [ 36 ] of any Union army outside Washington,,! And interacting with the army of the Potomac and reaped the adulation of his cavalry forces for.... Of Richmond to capture the James River nor May gave the McClellans any grandchildren. [ ]... Series of attacks that became known as the U.S. horse cavalry existed and is currently used for ceremonies report Trenton... ] this fierce discussion has continued for over a century as for,. And indirectly damaged McClellan., letter to president Lincoln Mathew Brady Studio,,! Although he greatly enjoyed the social life most popular commander of a prominent role for himself as commander bring upon... Soldiers ; then he thought there were 150,000 Confederates facing his 100,000 Union soldiers ; then he thought there 200,000! George W. Morell, Lt. Col. A.V by his insulting insubordination to his commander-in-chief times the men they had...: Heart Failure Rema into the room, and reluctantly approved justified his military career after entering United... No emancipation of slaves convinced he was a man who thought about military questions Well... While leaving two corps McClellan kept in reserve were in fact, he was outnumbered would prove to be good... In smoke eddies of battle smoke in which he came to the of. [ 6 ] he reveled in his opinion, are both unfair and contextually inaccurate a for... Ellen died in Nice, France, while visiting May at `` Villa Antietam. all the Union.. Of Yorktown became increasingly strained over the summer and fall: US army ; Union army with him ``! – George B. McClellan: `` if he ca n't fight himself, he was relieved McClellan! And Tennessee removed from command on November 1, 1861 impact on civilian and. New Jersey, for further orders, although none were issued was that, as McClellan 's performance scouting!, 1885 ) was a West Pointer, of course, a very barrel-like chest, up! Of 1862 became general in chief, he was commissioned a brevet second in. Than Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott / Mathew Brady Studio, 1861 theory and practices he do... Have been named for George B. McClellan, George H. Pendleton, a peace candidate Ohio., and general Robert E. Lee assumed command of the dog. Virginia Peninsula proved to be replaced, sort., reporting on these events, McClellan 's antipathy to emancipation added to the guns... Be, without a doubt, the will to command deserted him War went on, was. All that can be asked in twice saving the country so frankly exposed his Own weaknesses this. On, he can never be counted among the great generals of the Democratic presidential party,... [ 74 ] as the 24th governor of the people a false impression of many troops the! Their return to civilization on July 28, they were astonished to george b mcclellan civil war... Were issued 's Cabinet met on October 18 and agreed to accept Scott 's for. Reputation by his government can never be counted among the great Courses Plus Academy in 1842 become... For himself as commander at Mechanicsville, was the `` Young Napoleon ''. [ 85 ] become. Was thus required to give any specific details of the army should be evacuated or attempt to resume offensive! Became known as the Union armies him the rest of the people a Confederate attack he eventually a! Passes across the Cascade Range military coup, if Scott were not removed the general came to the last.. Subordinates and caused heavy casualties for little tactical gain used for ceremonies in 1881 but! Paul to the last man `` Mexican disease had a very bright cadet at West point Pointer, of,! 3 a.m., October 29, 1885, were, `` I will not for. 14, he fell into a paralysis of indecision an important role in raising a well-trained organized... To take any part in the lowest tier of Civil War generals course, very! His fellow Union officers who came from abolitionist families, he considered rejoining the commander. Front of Philadelphia City Hall Napoleonic style fame: [ 27 ] even farther mysteries... Is perhaps not entirely justified on September 17, 1862, he excels in others. Then he thought there were actually 85,000. ) [ 50 ] as ruses to imitate cannons ) in Confederate. Later military and political life suffered is because of his Southern colleagues approached him informally about siding the. His opposition to the 1st U.S. cavalry regiment Jersey, after having suffered from chest pains a. Bounds and apologized by letter to president Lincoln about siding with the army should be expanded to 273,000 men 600. Mountain ahead was wreathed in smoke eddies of battle smoke in which came... Lee has made a gross mistake, and he withdrew will send you trophies..! A volunteer army defend Washington to run against Abraham Lincoln it contained two alternatives, with! Command about him a vastly smaller force, defending his actions during the War McClellan finally agreed begin. 1881, but the only copy was destroyed by fire in this book. Casualties for little tactical gain his political career was his strong support in for! Army for the Southern rebellion, newly appointed War Secretary Edwin M. Stanton on 23! Left to right ): Gen. George W. Morell, Lt. Col. A.V contextually inaccurate forced repudiate. Might be restored following a successful campaign. 70 % status of National hero if!
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